Mono to stereo guitar effect

Is there any plugin to convert guitar mono signal to stereo signal mimicking two guitars playing the same?

I know MIMIQ Doubler from tc electronics does this perfectly. there is also UAD plugin MXR Flanger/Doubler which is good too on doubler effect.

there are others pedals and plugins trying to do the same but they always ruin the sound, at least in one channel.

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Sounds like TAP Fractal Doubler would work

I’ve tried the TAP Fractal Doubler but I don’t think it produces the same effect than the Mimiq doubler, i.e. two (or three or four) guitars played each with a slight difference in timing and volume, which allows for an easy doubling of guitars when you record, or a fuller sound live.
It might also be that I am not able to dial the correct parameters on the TAP Fractal Doubler. Any tips ?
Thanks !