Monday Morning Gratitude From Sunny California

I’m a frequent lurker here, with an occasional post or two, often chiming in that my unit experiences some of the same quirks and issues that other users deal with, etc. Of course, the nature of any forum like this will be a lot of people trying to find solutions to their problems, bitch about the process (both rightly and wrongly), and express their dissatisfaction. I am here this morning to express my satisfaction, toss an individual “thank you” and “please keep it up” to the team, and in general just throw out some more positivity about MOD, because that’s largely what I feel.

I use my Dwarf every day, I’m tweaking boards, I’m recording, I’m never satisfied, and I keep going-- it has become a driver of my practice of making music unto itself, as it seems to me that it’s more an “audio possibilities box” than anything. I know that it suits my use case better than many folks, but many are on the same page as me, and I feel very lucky indeed to have it. Do I wish the greater guitar/synth worlds were feeling the same way and helping MOD Audio stay afloat and maybe even profitable? Yes, but even though I long for a Duo X2 or something… in this little island of time, I’m very thankful to the team that created my quirky little Dwarf, to @solobasssteve for introducing me to the MOD platform through his incredible music (go subscribe to him on bandcamp), and in general to the community of positive regulars here at the forums.

Personally, I think every university library or music department should have at least 10 Dwarf units for students to sign out, and a class to help them explore it… but I guess they’ll likely have to wait for the MOD desktop app to be complete.

I’m dreading the day that I feel like my Dwarf is obsolete… but I think that will likely be far down the road, as I don’t know any fx units coming out that seem anything like it. Anyway, in the meantime, thank you Modfather et al., and please, for the sake of us that love it and share your dreams of what it could be… please keep plugging away… and have an excellent week!


In the spirit of positivity, I guess I don’t sing the praises of my Dwarf enough. like @oeSmash I use mine every day. I started an '80s cover band a few years ago and we recently had our first show (friends and family). It was a blast! I had the core of my sound on the Dwarf with a few extra tools on the same Pedaltrain Nano+. As I’m getting older, the idea of lugging around less gear appeals to me greatly, and the Dwarf has delivered that for me. I used to load up my Eden WT-500 and an Eden D410-XT for bass. When I switched to guitar, I was even hesitant to lug around an H&K Deluxe 20, even though it’s fairly small. Now, I just carry around my guitar and a PedalTrain Nano+ with everything I need on it. Super happy with this, and super happy with the quality and variety of sounds I can achieve with it. Thanks MOD!


Monday morning gratitude from cold and rainy Germany! I have two Dwarfs on my board and cover all needs with them, four instruments (three on stage) and singing, all through these two units. Small and transportable board, I love the Mod solutions!


at this point I have almost no idea what my music would be sounding like if it wasn’t for the DuoX. It has completely transformed the way I make sound, and I still feel like I’m only dipping my toes in the water of what’s possible :slight_smile:


More praises here!: I also use mine everyday.
Last gig was an Irish festival - foot kick piezo stomp in left with fat eq (instant kick drum sound); acoustic guitar in the right; with amazing reverbs
This weeks gig - violin into 3 IR loaders, 3 part harmony, ambient reverbs. Instant violin >viola > cello
No other one pedal can do this stuff. It’s the music tinkerers dream box. Keep the plug-ins coming!

Currently for fun I’m trying model match the Strymon cloudburst in the dwarf - with 3 parallel reverbs and some different panning modulations on the trails I’m getting close. Not super close; but equally amazing sounding close.

Like seriously what else offers the kind of instant gratification in sound design that the mod devices does…


Ooh I’d love to see what you came up with for the reverb setup you’re talking about!

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