Modular gui features

oWhile playing with my brand new DuoX :heart_eyes: I di some experimentng with small setups to eventually glue them together in one bigger patch. Due to the enormous power of the DuoX things can quite complicated and its a lot of fun combining different in/out audiostreams. Playing with this would be a lot more comfortable if there where some modularr features added to the gui. The most simple i can think of is a rudimentary copy & paste function so then it would be possible to paste parts of a simple setup into a more complicated one. Another nice feature i could think of is a kind of subpatch feature where complete pedalboards can be part of another one on a higher level (for whose familiar with this: a bit like isadora’s user actors or csound UDO or pd’s subpatches). Is this a very silly idea :thinking:?


Not at all!
We had some discussions about very similar ideas on the team already, and I am pursuing something quite similar on the side as well (getting my own plugin host working as a plugin, with the insides controllable remotely over osc)

There are other things coming first, but we have that idea in our minds already :slight_smile:



i would add:

  1. quicker connection management… hover over a plug and hit a key (delete?) to disconnect it, and the ability to quickly disconnect ALL plugs going into an input (rather than having to go one by one).

  2. comments that can be placed on the pedalboard.

  3. rubber-band selection of multiple plugins for deletion.

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this will be possible with a custom plugin in an upcoming update (whenever full lv2 atom support comes).
if you have used “carla” before, you might have noticed a plugin called ‘Notes’. should be quite straight forward to have something similar working for mod.

the rest would requite work on the web interface, not possible to do with plugins obviously.
your best chances to see those happening is to convince @jesse of how useful it is and that a lot of people want it :slight_smile:

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I like that idea very much! It might even be useful to to employ the mouse and modifier keys. E.g. could SHIFT+click on a cable delete the respective connection and CTRL+click could clone it so that only one end would have to be reconnected to another plugin.