Modsdk on macOS


I’m trying to get modsdk running on MacOS (M1) to contribute some png → svg conversions.

I’d love to get it running locally so I can test changes before pushing.

I’m able to install most dependencies via brew & pip.

I am unable to install Pyinotify. Is there anyway I can hack it to not need it to launch?

It looks like a longer term fix might be changing pyinotify to watchdog. From what I can tell it’s cross platform and can do the same things.

Thanks in advance!


pyinotify is optional, so you can remove it from the deps on your local repo.

the biggest pain point for mod-sdk is actually the quite old version of tornado it uses, which is no longer compatible with most recent python3 (since 3.10)

if you have a dwarf or duox you can run it directly on the unit.
the images in Developer Images - MOD Wiki provide it accessible through the device, though these image versions are quite old by now too…


Thank you.

I’m not familiar with python, is that as simple as removing it from requirements.txt?

I do have a dwarf, I’ll also explore running it from there.

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yes, assuming you are using the usual pyenv things. or whatever the “proper” way of that is now…

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It looks like I’m now hitting the Tornado issue you mentioned previously.

Going to see if I can work out how to use an earlier version of python. Do you think 3.8 would be ok?

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Nice to see some progress on this.
I’m using Python 3.10.9. To make it work I use some hacks. For tornado, I use this one:


Thanks both for your input here. I’ve spent another couple of hours hacking around this evening and I just can’t get it too work :sweat_smile: . I don’t know any python so I’m at the mercy of ChatGPT and StackOverflow.

I’ve got as far as the grey screen telling me I need to load some LV2 plugins, and some terminal error messages saying it can’t find the default pedal board (FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/opt/homebrew/opt/python@3.9/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.9/share/mod-sdk/html/resources/templates/pedal-default.html').

I use my Dwarf regularly, so I don’t feel comfortable downgrading it. @falkTX do you think it would be possible to get an up to date developer image?

I’m keen to contribute the png → svg conversions, but I don’t like the thought of committing ‘blind’ with no local testing.

As an alternative, I will try Linux Emulation next time I get a few hours :slight_smile:

Edit: one more thought. I do have an RPi 4. Perhaps I can access that remotely in some way. But I’m not sure if the ARM processor makes it more complicated.

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