ModDuoX digital pulsating noise \ hiss

Hello! I have a lot of digital noise with ModDuoX in my setup.

  1. I have changed my power sockets (everything connected to the same socket).
  2. Tested a single ModDuoX without any connection (still noisy). Doesn’t matter if I have USB connected or not.
  3. Purchased new AC-adapters (balanced, impulse) for ModDuoX and additional gear.
  4. Tried to use active DI-BOX.
  5. And now waiting for a whole new set of TRS cables, because before ModDuoX a was running everything on TS and there weren’t any problems with a digital pulsating hiss.

I did a recording of any possible way of ModDuoX connection to my setup. I could share it if helps to identify the problem.

How to solve this? I’ve found some topics on the forum, but nothing helps.

For me I experience the noise when I use tiny gain, and spectrum plugins.
The common of those plugins is they display the live statement of value as visual.
Except the tiny gain display -inf, the create a little pulsating noise.
Except the spectrum goes to nothing(same as -inf), it creates same noise.

So my soultion is to put the tape on the grounding metal on the original MODDuoX adaptor which make the device not grounding.
For, me I connect other device which enable grounding system, I make the MODuoX not grounding.
Then I found out that the hissing problem solved, but still the pulsating noise remains.

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For me it is the same with tiny gain, stereo gain or direct routing. Where i can fing this grounding surface on the AC adapter to try your method? Is it a tip going into MDX?
I have EU standard plug.

So I did like this.
Because I connect extra devices which eable grounding, so I think I don’t need to ground MDX.
I am using a normal MDX adaptor which comes inside the box.

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Wow very interesting solution. I will try this right now.

I just did same, and it worked. Can confirm that pulsating thing in low frequency range is there, but digital hiss is disappeared. Now i think it will be much easier to manage signal-to-noise levels.
Thank you very much! I will test everything now and will post updates here.

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Because I also use RC-505, it is really hard to control noise only with threshold on RC-505.
Maybe MDX developer will help us to remove pulsating noise through updates.

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Please let us know the results of your attempts :wink:

I’ve got the whole new set of TRS cables, can confirm that the hiss is less now. But I still have this pulsating thing in the low-frequency range.

Could you please write to and add a sample of the type of sound that you get?

I have already sent this to Jesse, he should forward it to tech engineers. BUT. After I switched everything to TRS and did some gain-staging again, I’m having a pretty usable signal. I will test it more but seems okay now. And my power plug still isolated from ground. As Oxygenic showed here.

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Ah ok. That’s perfect.
Keep us updated if your attempts solved the issue.

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