Modduo/X with the (very) old Vox Tonelab

Just curious; I have a (very) old Vox Tonelab (see video).
Would it be possible to use it in conjunction with the Mods?

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Oh, and by the way! Not me in the video :laughing:
It was the only one I managed to find that shows the pedal.


I don’t see why you couldn’t use it, you’d just need to decide on your pedal chain and where you want to stick that unit in it.

I use my box as an effects box primarily and sometimes midi and a generator.

If you use that unit to do tone adjustments and feed it into your mod device for effects, then I imagine it will work just fine.

It will largely be up to your needs, but there shouldn’t be an issue running those in series or parallel in your board chain


You sure can. The ideal order is VOX into MOD, since the other way around would give you problems due to Mod’s balanced outputs.

The Tonelab is a much worshipped multi-effects unit. Some users won’t let go of them for any price. It sounded a lot better than competition at that time. (I owned a Digitech at that time that was simply embarassing… To put it kindly.)


Very nice :slight_smile:
I’ve had for quite some time but haven’t used for ages. Would be nice to run them together.
Do you know if I can use the Vox pedal on the Mod. Like the Mods own? Just curious.

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The Duo X has an input for an expression pedal. Whether or not your Vox unit can output the pedal voltage I don’t know for sure. (My bet would be no.)

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Does the Vox pedal has MIDI out?

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Hi Jon :slight_smile:
It has a similar connection to the Mod footswitch ie network(?)
From the manual (of the Vox Tonelab, not the pedal)
“USING THE OPTIONAL FOOT CONTROLLERThe optional VOX foot controller lets you use your foot to switch programs, control
the volume, switch effects on/off, and control various values.
• Connect the optional foot controller to ToneLab’s VOX BUS jack (8.1). For
details on connections and operation, refer to the owner’s manual included with
the controller.
• You’ll need to specify the function that will be controlled by the expression pedal
of the controller, and the range in which the value will change. Refer to p.42.”
I’ll see if I can find the manual for the foot controller.
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Found this;
“The VC-4 (footswitch) connects to the amplifier using a standard Cat 5 computer network cable”.
The Tonelab has midi in/out.

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Man that might have a super good shot at being functional. It has both capabilities to be plugged into a mod device, especially that cat 5 connection.

I don’t know anything about the capability of utilizing the cat 5 input on a mod device yet, so I’ll be lurking with great interest.

The norm for Cat5 cables and RJ45 connectors is for Ethernet protocols in computer networks.

But, some devices such as the Mod Devices uses the same RJ45 connector but the protocol used is proprietary and there is absolutely no guarantee the the wirering will match the Ethernet signals and voltages and pin numbers.

To further disappoint you :wink: I am pretty sure the Tone Lab’s RJ45 connector has yet a different pinout and protocol as the Mod Devices.

So, sorry to burst your bubble but although the same RJ45 connector is used, there is absolutely no compatibility possible. You even risk damaging one or more units if connected together through that connector.

You are better off with MIDI.


Fair enough, and you answered his question all in one swoop!

At least midi is a solution.

Thanks for the info!

Yes, but @Simon said it all:

The VC-4 was a footswitch dedicated exclusively for the Valvetronix amp line from Vox. It uses an ethernet cable for a reason: it doesn’t have an internal firmware. It needed the firmware of the amp itself to work and thus the need for 4 pins for communication plus 2 for power and 2 for ground. So, it’s not a solution for you, nor does it work with any ethernet-based system.

Therefore, it does NOT work with the Duo and I don’t think it can be tweaked internally for that.

Worse yet, that foot controller was flimsy and expensive. (The Valvetronix series was just terrible, by the way. I owned a VC60 and sold it in less than 3 months.)

Unless the manual of your Tonelab has a Midi Implementation Chart (it should, most Midi capable devices do) that specifically says that CC messages can be output via Midi Out port, I don’t think you can use those switches to operate anything within the Mod.

Please refer to this document for an example of a Midi Implementation chart.


ok so…PLEASE DON’T USE IT! It can damage the device or the DuoX
The Control Chain is meant to connect our Control Chain devices (Footswitch or Arduino Shield currently) and we just up-use an ethernet port. I guess that Vox did exactly the same on this device. Trying to use it may break one of the devices!

EDIT: @Simon is 100% right on his comment

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No problem :slight_smile: I won’t!
It was just a thought.