Mod won't learn MIDI

Hey guys,

I feel really stupid for asking this, but how do I enable the MIDI learn function?

I wanted to control parameters from the effect board via external MIDI, but when I access the control, open the control panel and choose MIDI learn from the Actuator menu, nothing happens. I turn every knob on my control surface, but somehow the unit doesn’t learn. The dialog just sits there as if no input would arrive.

I updated the unit to the current version (1.0.6) and tested with different input devices via USB and MIDI cable on different computers (linux and windows) - but nothing.

I guess I’m overlooking something. Any hint is welcome.


Ok. Never mind.

(I thought incoming data would close the dialog automatically. Instead you choose, click okay, and THEN you turn the dedicated knob. Sorry for the noise.)

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Hi @seba glad you figured it out. We try to make it as intuitive as possible but sometimes it’s not so obvious.

We’ll take that as a hint to improve it in the future.

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