Mod with a tablet

Hey mod forum! Happy mod owner here :wink:

Im curious about using the mod with a tablet. Can it be done? Basically, being able to pull up the UI while on stage. I understand there’s no USB to connect a tablet to the duo, but anything else that could work? Bluetooth? I’m not sure here

Which brings me to consider a surface pro, which does have the usb to connect. I’m curious if it would handle the duo without problems. I wonder if 4gigs of ram is ok… Or 8gigs would keep things running more smoothly… Anybody out there try the duo with a surface pro 3 or 4?

Just thought I’d ask the community, I love checking the forums just to see what’s going on with other mod owners. So far I quite happy :blush:



Hi @Mike_James, that’s an excellent question!

Unfortunately we only support connection through a USB cable for now but the good news is that we will have very soon a software upgrade that allows you to use a Bluetooth dongle attached to the Duo and then you can access the UI from any Bluetooth enabled device using a supported browser.

You will of course have to buy the Bluetooth dongle yourself but you can find plenty on the web and it’s very cheap.

This feature already existed in MOD Quadra so for the Duo there’s a little bit of work left to do. Keep an eye on our software upgrades as this should be coming soon!


This update is now out and I am successfully connecting to my Duo from computer via BT dongle, as per Release 1.1.2: BT on Linux does not work anymore - however I haven’t managed the same from an Android device yet.

My Mod Dwarf just arrived today and I tried to connect via Bluetooth unsuccessfully. Does it also require the BT dongle?

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Yes. The MOD Dwarf has no built-in Bluetooth, you need to connect a dongle on the USB port A


That’s working for me, thank you!

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