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Hi everyone,

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Leo Germani and I was part of the MOD team when the company was still in Brazil and launched the kickstarter campaign. I am a web developer, who have contributed to and developed few open source projects, and I’m also a journalist who loves music and enjoy playing his acoustic guitar.

I am happy to say that I’m back on board to contribute to this awesome project!

As part of the MOD Labs project, we want to help the community around MOD to grow and, for that, one of the actions we are taking right now is to “get the Wiki running”. So I invite everyone who is willing to collaborate to join me and discuss how we can make our wiki a great source of information for the MOD community.

There are several ways you can collaborate. You can help us pointing out what should be in the wiki, what is missing, suggesting how things could be better organized and, of course, writing content, tweaking the design of the pages, drawing illustrations, spell checking and so on.

I have already started reorganizing our user guides. Now we have a complete User guide for the MOD Duo, as well as a User Guide for our Web GUI. I will start now document the plugin development process.

There is a new, yet very simple, homepage that group all the contents we have so far.

I would love to hear what you have to say.

The registration is open. You are all welcome to discuss and collaborate.



Nice work, Leo! I’d be happy to collaborate. Do you or others here use IRC at all? we could maybe discuss changes there…

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Hi @devcurmudgeon!

Good to hear that!

That is one of the first things I was thinking to dicuss with whoever is willing to help. We could use IRC, Slack, The Talk pages in the wiki itself or event this forum. Lets see what other people think as well!

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Olá. Seria possível ter mais vídeos e tutoriais em português?

Isso seria ótimo!

Existem alguns vídeos, entrevistas e materiais sobre o MOD em português, mas, infelizmente, no momento, optamos por produzir conteúdo em inglês para ser o mais universal possível, considerando que temos pessoas de diversos países na comunidade!

Mas vale lembrar que boa parte do conteúdo que é publicado sobre o MOD não é produzido pela empresa. Então seria ótimo ver algum conteúdo publicado em português também. Seguramente ajudaríamos a divulgar!

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