MOD WebUI Ideas

Yes, I guesss this can get close to a philosophical discussion! :ghost:

Still a software like say Ableton is definetly more streamlined to be used with mouse and keybord to edit your ideas quickly. Creativity likes speed. :wink: For me the graphics don’t need to represent a real device, I do prefer less graphic clutter. Sure the GUI of a module should be somewhat recogniseable, but liite variety is needed for that.

Pricisely where the WebUI of the MOD lacks for me is the cable thing, zooming of the canvas and to have two views for each device. In Ableton and in Kilohearts it is solved with predefined slots or tracks. No cables at all. Zooming is done by scrolling, also due to the slot/tracks. And I guess all device parameter should be in the device, no doubling of knobs. ( In MOD I have to remember two layouts for each device… )

Also the library of devices on the bottom is hard to navigate. ( mayba because of the left right scrolling, mayby better vertical on the side ).

Ah and of course a keybord shortcut system for basic functions. ( copy/paste devices. Open a settings state of the device… ).

Really these are just some ideas thrown in and I realise that some go in a very different direction as the current WebUI.

What are your thoughts on the usability?


Although the zooming is currently an issue for me in the GUI, I don’t find the cables to be problematic.
They’re in the way sometimes but that happens to few of times to be bothersome.

Tracks would be strange since I split, merge and do stuff in parallel with file players etc.
Fixed tracks wouldn’t make much sense in my use cases, as I wouldn’t know where it all goes.

I find the “front and back end” of the pedal thing ok, top level is helic view with drill down where possible. I miss a lay-out grid on the drill down though, the sequential blocks are a bit cluttered on pdalsl ike a parameteric EQ for instance.

I missed a copy/paste now and then, So I agree on that one

in another thread, they were theorycrafting about inserting a pedal on a cable in between 2 pedals; a common use case for me; I love how short to the community they can be about these things.

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The scrolling of the list of devices at the bottom is terrible. In Firefox it does not work and in Chrome it is way to fast and behaves strange. The Idea of scrolling horizontaly on a browser is crazy. It is not meant to work properly. On Firefox scrolling horizontal will go to the next page or back… So we have to use the arrow keys which is a tedious thing…

I don’t agree on this. It works properly on my PC wether I’m on FF or Chrome.
Doesn’t work at all on my iPad or Android touchscreen devices though.

As far as I’m concerned, they should have thought mobile first, and then make ajustements for mouse/keyboard users. But on PC, I’v never had a complaint on the user experience with the GUI.


It may work for you, but still it does not work satisfactory in my surounding. MacOS Big Sur MacBook Pro 2018. Also as a UI designer I can tell you that a horizontal scroller is experimental. That is not the way the scrolling is intended and supported in a wide range of devices and browsers. Why not do it the “normal” way and have default support over a lot of devices? There are many reasons why scrolling is vertical: It has to do with how we read, how text work and how visual information is best structured…