MOD watcher down again?

Went to compile a patch today and got this message: error returned from server 0 (phase Initializing…)

Can anyone shed some light on what’s happening, as ever it seems to go down precisely a couple of days before I have a gig!

There were some issues that we couldn’t resolve and we are rebuilding the builder infrastructure in a new, better way.
So it is faster and does not go down as much.
But that means for the moment the MOD max-gen stuff is unavailable. Hopefully it is just a few days/weeks.

Sounds interesting, will check that out

Until then you may want to learn how to use GitHub - christosku/modgen: A docker container with a python script that allows building lv2 plugins from max/msp gen~ exports for the devices.

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Could you post here when it’s up and running again?

Maybe it would be helpful to have a forum thread letting people know when it’s is/is not running. This would save a lot of time for people.


This sounds great, but I’ve stumbled at the first hurdle, the Docker disc image for Mac is corrupt…

Hi Kevin, the Christosku/modgen works on my mac. If you’re stuck you can send me your Gen patcher and I’ll send you back the lv2 folder.

Thanks @zwabo, that is very generous of you, the gigs are over now, plus I usually need to tweak the patches a couple of times (the 1st one never works!) so I’ll probably just wait for the watcher to go up again.

I am super interested in the Christosku/modgen thing. Do you have the Docker ( running on your Mac? Would you by any chance have a working installer? Or know of an alternative container?

I’m far from my mac until thursday evening. Back home I’ll check if I kept the installer and let you know.

Hi Kevin

I didn’t keep the installer, but you can find it here :

the version working with my OS (Mojave) is 4.6.1

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Hi @falkTX,

DO you know if the watcher is up and running again?

Hi @falkTX any updates on when the watcher might be up and running again?

ah wait, just saw this MOD Cloud Builder!!

Note to self, and maybe others too!

Having got this working and promptly forgot how I did it and then spending a good 40 mins working it out again, I’ll just leave this here:

To export the code:

  • select gen patch and open inspector
  • choose a folder to export into
  • make sure the MOD watcher is running
  • send the gen object the ‘exportcode’ message
  • unpack the file max-gen-plugin.tar.gz
  • choose both gen_exported.h and .cpp files therein
  • build
  • don’t forget to press upload!!
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