MOD Volume plugin engaged when it shouldn't


When I load a pedalbord the 2 volumes plugins are off but sounds on

How to reproduce

  1. load this pedalboard : random panner with tap tempo - MOD Devices
  2. you should see that everything is off but the two volumes plugins are working and are on
  3. you can turn on the panner (with the B footswitch), it would only engage the boost pedal since the panning effect is already mistakenly on
  4. turn off the panner (with the B footswitch) and save the pedalboard
  5. load onother pedalboard and this one again, you should see the same problem : everything is off but the volumes plugins are still at work

Expected/suggested solution

After the pedalboard is loaded the volumes pedales should not send a wet signal


Mod Dwarf with the current release
Volume 1.0-7

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Does anyone can reproduce this ?

Does this happen only with this particular pedalboard or with all the pedalboards?

No idea, I’ll try !
Does it means you can’t reproduce the issue with the pedalboard sent ?

So I tried to reproduce and…

this was actually the other way around. So by default, it was on and not off. In that case when I do the next step…

…it actually turns the “Panner” off". With the “Panner” off, everything is off except the CV clock and the CV Attenuverter Booster.

When I do these steps, indeed the pedalboard is loaded with all the states off, but the CV working on the MOD Volume.

I then replaced the MOD Volumes plugin with another random plugin and did exactly the same assignments. The same happens, so indeed there’s a bug here (probably from the CV plugins…and probably the Random CV Generator that always loads with a default on even if the UI shows the opposite).
I tested on the latest 1.12. I will report it.
Thanks @Rom :slight_smile: