MOD stuck at boot

After the last update my Duo presents a problem that I already had in the past.

The Duo stops at the boot screen. It was solved by reinstalling it with LiveSuit. Everything ok but it happend again (two times after the update).

I will do the reinstalling process again but you guys need to check what’s going on, please.

Thaks for you attention.

I am experiencing this as well. Stuck at boot screen, no ssh access.

It was a sad moment. I had been working all week getting a board ready for a small set in a gig tonight - looper, new Overtone plugins, adding some sonic and arrangement spice to my songs. I had one last adjustment before heading out, just wanted to add a gain to my dry mic path to even it out and make sure all my gains were labeled and available on Knob 1. Then, as always, I reboot once or twice and verify that changes were saved and initial presets are as expected. We know what happens next :frowning:

I dug a Ditto Looper and TC Chorus out of a drawer and made the best of it; had a good time. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m disappointed that I couldn’t use all the hard work I did from the last several days. These things happen and the best we can do is control what we can and move forward. A few things I know or believe:

  • MOD is super committed to producing the best quality products they can with their team and process
  • Moving hardware projects from prototype to production at any scale is incredibly challenging at legal, manufacturing, and technical levels
  • Hardware fails, defects may not surface in small batches.
  • For a team like MOD with vision and pride around their product, knowing users are experiencing failures is painful for them to learn about.

I had noticed some occasional odd behavior in the last couple weeks.


  • A week or two ago at a friend’s house after setting up the Duo kept being unresponsive when I would try to use the knobs or menus and it kept seeming like it locked up. They did have some old electric sockets and the extension cord seemed a little shabby. I fear some damage may have occurred here because the Duo operation seemed OK after I switched out to a heavy-duty extension cord I had brought.
  • A few times recently after booting up, it looked like it was on the default pedalboard instead of the board I was just on. A reboot would fix it. Sometimes it seemed to take longer than normal to load the last board; several seconds after the boot finished, the screens would finally switch to show the mapped params.
  • Several times recently I’ve had to reboot the Duo after connecting to USB to get the network to connect