Mod-sdk Package 'phantomjs' has no installation candidate

I have just opened an issue on github because I can’t get mod-sdk running. natively (fedora 40) or dockerized.

I alays get some dependency issue

[2/6] RUN apt-get update -qq &&     apt-get install -y build-essential liblilv-dev phantomjs &&     apt-get install -y python3-pil python3-pystache python3-tornado python3-pyinotify python3-setuptools:     
5.471 Reading package lists...                                                                                                                                                                                   
5.961 Building dependency tree...
6.071 Reading state information...
6.074 Package phantomjs is not available, but is referred to by another package.
6.074 This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
6.074 is only available from another source
6.076 E: Package 'phantomjs' has no installation candidate

I responded to the ticket on github: Package 'phantomjs' has no installation candidate · Issue #37 · moddevices/mod-sdk · GitHub

mod-sdk needs a full rework in order to be usable, I dont recommend to rely on it at the moment.

it is not needed in order to build plugins, the “sdk” in the name makes it a bit confusing
it is much more of a “modgui-generator” than any real SDK.

no luck also with debian:11

well, also a “modgui-generator” would be great, I really can’t find a suitable workflow to build a very simple plugin (using midi) from PD to DWARF

I dont know how it is for PD, but in general the approach is:

# clone the plugin builder repo
git clone
cd mod-build-builder

# build dwarf toolchain
# remove "minimal" if you need 3rd party libs like libsndfile
./ moddwarf minimal

# setup current shell for building using the dwarf toolchain
source local.env moddwarf

# now you can build your plugin projects within this shell
cd /path/to/my/plugin
cmake -S . -B build
make -C build
# or whatever applies to build the plugin

# deploy the lv2 bundle to a MOD unit over USB
cd /path/to/plugin/build
tar chz *.lv2 | base64 | curl -F 'package=@-'; echo



I forgot to mention that, since some guy at RedHat tought that switching to wget2 and breaking wget compatibility would be a good idea, Fedora (or RH, or Centos, or whatever rpm distro) users like me will have to do this small changes on toolchain/moddwarf.config or his model configuration file

@@ -66,7 +66,8 @@ CT_DOWNLOAD_AGENT_WGET=y
 # CT_FORBID_DOWNLOAD is not set
 # CT_FORCE_DOWNLOAD is not set
-CT_DOWNLOAD_WGET_OPTIONS="--passive-ftp --tries=3 -nc --progress=dot:binary"
+#CT_DOWNLOAD_WGET_OPTIONS="--passive-ftp --tries=3 -nc --progress=dot:binary"
+CT_DOWNLOAD_WGET_OPTIONS="--tries=3 -nc "
 # CT_ONLY_DOWNLOAD is not set
 # CT_USE_MIRROR is not set
@@ -787,7 +788,7 @@ CT_NCURSES_V_6_1=y
 # CT_NCURSES_V_6_0 is not set
-CT_NCURSES_MIRRORS=" $(CT_Mirrors GNU ncurses)"
+CT_NCURSES_MIRRORS=" $(CT_Mirrors GNU ncurses)"

I am not going to open an issue on github because it should be a RH problem, but it could be useful to know.