Mod-plugin-builder images

Hi, on the WIKI for “How To Use Docker Toolbox With MPB” I read

NOTE: The current pre-compiled image can only compile plugins for the Duo.

But I also note that the info is 3 years old, so I am just wondering if there is a precompiled image for the Duo X by now? Or should I still go the “advanced, long” route instead?


you can use the images provided by cbix Docker Hub.


Probably worth setting up a system where you have mod-ui, mod-host and the plugin builder stuff. With jack and an audio interface.

Then you can do all the dev and testing there with a debugger and just build for the mod device at the end for testing.


Thanks. Are you on Mac? And do you use docker containers for mod-ui, mod-host and the Jack stuff?

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I am on a Mac but I used an Ubuntu 22 VM, it was a bit of a pain to set up but you can actually have it up and running like you are using a mod device with the web interface.

I have it all setup in VSCode using the Makefile extension and you can then use the debugger from inside VSCode.


If you use the stuff @falkTX was saying to use in the other thread you may well be able to just develop most of it on the Mac.