MOD - Noise Gate / Noise Gate Advanced

Hi everyone,

We just published 2 new noise gate plugins to the store called the MOD Noise Gate and MOD Noise Gate Advanced.

both plugins use the same algorithm behind the scenes, but they can be used in slightly different ways.

The MOD Noise Gate can also be found in the Dwarf’s (starting v1.11) and DuoX’s (starting v1.12) input processing settings. This noise gate has a limited set of parameters in order to make it as easy to use as possible. Simply select the channel to apply the gate to, set the desired threshold and decay time and you are ready to go.

The MOD Noise Gate Advanced offers more flexibility. The biggest difference being that this is a mono noise gate, with 2 separate inputs. The first input has the gate applied, while the second (key) input determines the behavior of the gate. Compared to the simpler plugin, the advanced version also offers separate attack and hold controls. As a bonus, there is also a CV output which mirrors the status (open / closed) of the gate. This output can be used creatively to modulate other parameters in any pedalboard.

Hope everyone enjoys!


Cheers can wait to try out the advanced one.

Appreciate the hard work


So if I understand correctly, If you have a very mixed need of noise gate you better turn it off on the device and only use it on the pedalboards where it is relevant?

That’s a good way to see things. But you may also consider the fact that the internal noise gate might use less CPU than the plugin ones and that it saves space on your pedalboards.

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I’m using the advanced noise gate in a pedalboard after the amp sim, in order to suppress noise while I’m not playing. At high volumes in our rehearsal room, there is still some noise from the amp Sim which I want to suppress that way. The input for the gate is connected directly to my guitar input. Everything is working as it should. However, after some time of playing (maybe 30 to 45 minutes) the noise gate stops working. If I reload my pedalboard (switch to another one and than back to this one) the noise gate is working again until it stops working after 30 to 45 minutes again. I can not say if it is always after the same time.

Has anyone experienced this problem too?

It’s been a while since that last comment, but I’ve recently had the same issue. Don’t remember whether it was the advanced noise gate or the non-advanced. The gate just wouldn’t close anymore.
It happended while I had the GUI open