MOD - Multi Button to CV

We just pushed a new plugin to beta, part of the MOD CV plugins collection.
This new one translates button actions to various CV signals, allowing specific actions to be used as CV triggers.
You have single press, long press and double press CV outputs, which will have 0v by default and 10v when active. These CV outputs are activated by clicking (and/or holding) the plugin’s single parameter.

This plugin also makes use of the new “HMI Widgets” API, allowing you to customize the text that appears on the device display (for Dwarf on >= v1.11 and Duo X >= v1.12)

For now plugin is in beta, we want to give it some testing time and get feedback before pushing it to the stable side.
So yeah, comments / feedback is very much welcome!


this seems like a great plugin! I’ll give it a shot.


This is could make looping without an auxiliary MIDI pedal a lot better. Probably just need to practice aligning one’s reflexes with where the event trigger actually occurs on double-press and long press.


can’t wait to test it!


Thanks great tool.

Two questions here after some testing:

Would it be possible to implement an option to choose latch or momentary for the long press . For example in this pedalboard:

Footswitch B activates the effect permanently, C just momentarily, it would be interesting to assign only one footswitch for both functions, single press-> permanent, Long press → momentary

I agree with RashDecisionAudio it could be great for looper commands but, for the time being, it does not seem possible to assign a CV to the switches of Looperlative, any workaround ?


This plugin is amazing ! Thanks a lot @falkTX !

  • the 3 colors for the LED is a good idea, could it be on a bit longer ? Or even keep the last press color ?
  • I’ve forgot that I can’t make a switchbox switch with CV :cry: Any reason why ?
  • on the screen of the dwarf, could the dots be replaces by the 1st letter of each text box ? And maybe getting color-reversed when on ?

Hi @falkTX. Thanks for making this plugin.

I noticed that the popup only appears if I assign the button to a Footswitch. if I use a MIDI, a CV or the MOD UI to controls the plugin, it doesn’t shows the popup on screen.

It is a lv2-hmi.h/HMI restriction or a plugin limitation?

In my case: I’m using the Chocolate MIDI to controls some plugins on/off state. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t have a way to give me a feedback (it doesn’t have Footswitches LEDs like Dwarf has and its 7 segments display isn’t configurable).

My idea was using this new plugin to give me a feedback.

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I think this is quite an interesting use case! We could have an extra control “long-press mode” which toggles between latching <-> momentary :slight_smile:

that’s correct, its currently not possible to assign CV signals to lists and triggers. For the Looperlative in specific, It already uses double and long presses internally, so I’m not too sure how these 2 plugins would mix.

a small oversight, I guess it makes the most sense for the led to stay on as long as the popup, I’ll tweak this soon :sweat_smile:

This is currently indeed restricted. Before the 1.12RC’s plugins could only change actuator fields displayed by the HMI (name, value, LED etc.) so hmi-widgets could only be used on an HMI assignment. We have some more improvements in mind for the hmi-widgets, so Ill add this to that list!

Perhaps it would even be better to have a “notification” plugin, which handles this specific use case.




An notification plugin can solve my problem, but only if I won’t use the Multi Button to CV capabilities with my midi controller. :thinking:

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Loving this plugin! Makes my crazy cc toggle to note toggle mess of plugins for momentary CC pedals unnecessary! Plus now those momentary cc stomp pedal switches can do triple duty with single/long and double presses!

My only request is that it appears that the output high/low state isn’t saved with the pedalboard/snapshot. Therefore, when I save a pedalboard or snapshot with the reverb plugin turned on, when I recall that pedalboard or snapshot, the reverb will always be in the off position, making snapshots useless!

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ah thanks for catching this bug!

we’ve been preparing a small update for this plugin so I’ll make sure this will be fixed there too :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thank you so much!

Yes, some sort of notification being triggered as a popup for when a value is changed via MIDI or CV would be so helpful, but that’s getting a little OT so I won’t go on and on about it here!


Did some testing with this setup at band practice last night and noticed there’s a slight lag when using single press to turn fx on/off. This is obviously because the plugin is “listening” to make sure the press wasn’t a long press or the first half of a double press.

It’s not terrible but I had hopes that this would finally be THE solution for toggling a momentary MIDI CC button and with the lag it doesn’t seem like it is.


Yes, the CV signal is send when you release the switch. It could have been right on press but it would put on the effect assigned for short press the put it off when long press is detected… a bit strange I think.


perhaps another “trigger” mode can be added? so it does not wait for the press release.

it should be separate, as there can be a use case for having distinct signals for single/long/double press events. if single press event triggers every time, it is not very nice.
but if there is a separate, dedicated signal for “trigger a cv pulse as fast as possible” mode, I think that covers all cases then.


why not haveing a selectable timing option for every state?


This is already the case, there are controls for both the long press and double press times :slight_smile:


we just pushed an update for this plugin which includes some of the feedback given here, to summarize:

  • add momentary long-press modes
  • Increase LED time (now in sync with popup time)
  • allow for a wider range on the long/double press times (now as low as 1ms)
  • fix plugin state not being saved with the pedalboard

thanks for all the feedback!


Updated to the latest and plugin state still seems to be not saving with snapshots, but it IS saving with pedalboards. Can we get snapshots, too?

Also, any chance of getting an immediate mode on single press like @falkTX was suggesting?

Thank you so much for listening to our requests and working so hard to improve this platform. I know we keep asking for more and more, but I do want to make sure you know how grateful I am for your hard work and this badass platform you’re developing!


Thanks for your kind words!

oh I think you actually found a bug in the platform, not the plugin :sweat_smile: good thing we still need to do an 1.12-RC3 in that case.

Wouldn’t turning the long-press/double-press times all the way down already solve this issue ?