Mod Launcher not working

Trying to update a gen patch onto the Mod Dwarf…

Getting the following error: error returned from server 0 (phase Initializing…)

Any thoughts?

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Service has been down since the insolvency.
See more details in Reboot updates

We are using that thread/topic to give updates on the company situation. Plugin updates work already, which is reused for the max-gen side, so I believe it is just a server-side configuration to resolve. Shouldn’t take much longer now.


Oh sorry to hear that, I wasn’t aware that the company had gone bust :frowning:

I have a fairly important gig on Wed and rehearsals tomorrow - I’m guessing not much loner now doesn’t mean within the next 24 hrs?

Is there any possible way I could get a patch compiled by tmrw?

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as a one-off thing, you can send me the gen_exported.h and gen_exported.cpp files via private message and I will build those for you locally.


That would be so amazing!! Thank you!!!