MOD Kickstarter series 1st or 2nd batch vs new - What's the Difference

Hi beautiful people,

As i so stunned on the uses and amazing forum guidance you all give I have a topic that maby it easy to answer for you. So lets give it a try.

Currently i am not fortunate enough yet to buy a NEW MOD online, so I scouting sites to see were there are second hands etc. Now found a seller that sell his MOD and it is an 1st or 2nd batch serie from the Original Kickstarter campaign.

It looks good on the picture. But does is it different on the inside with the MOD devices that are Currently sold.

I have no clue so I appreciate your input on this and also other guide point to learn what to look for when buying or not buying an secondhand MOD DUO. I so looking forward to work with this device and my Didgeridoo and other instruments.

Looking forward to receive and read your replies.
Kind happy and healthy greetings,

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I wish you were in the USA…

I have a “B” unit to sell from my store.
2nd Batch Kickstarter Edition
Free Shipping to Lower 48 states in USA.
30 day return policy from an Authorized MOD Seller

Hei Skydiver,
Well What is distance , barely an illusion of thought :blush:. And post can do a lot too.
But anyway, can you tell me What the difference is or is there a difference in regards of the current shipped MOD DUO devices. As that is my main question.

And then What would be an resonal Price to buy it for.

Wish you can help me out filling the blancs :smile:

Looking forward to receive and read Your reply.
Musical healthy greetings,
Manupeo (aka Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij)

Some units such as mine (second batch) had noise coming from the power circuit. I had to apply a hardware fix.

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If you want a cheap Mod Duo there is a solution, you can go with a Raspberry Pi and the Pisound interface, you can install a Mod image on it (of course you’ll not get the 2 screen and the footswitch/knob of the Mod Duo)

Hei guys @Skydiver @Azza and @Fish,
thank you all a lot! Just to be clear in my question.

I do not mind to buy the full price as I for sure want to pay for the device on behalf of contributing to this great project. I only want to to know that as I see now some MOD DUO on Dutch sale sites that are presented as 2016 Kickstarter 2nd batch devices. The price is between 249, - euro and 450,- euro.

Now my Question is:

  • what is the difference between a 2nd batch device from 2016 and the MOD DUO that are sold when I buy one from the site.
  • then is the price that these people ask for the MOD Devices from older version in balance. So what would you pay for a 2nd batch 2016 MOD DUO?

That is it, so I can understand the state and the progress of the devices better. I am no programmer at all, so have NO clue how to code (is also not a skill that does not resonate with me ;-D )

Musical happy and healthy greetings,

Hi @Manupeo,

Great to read from you again here in the forum.

The only hardware difference between a Kickstarter batch and the MOD Duos being sold right now is the small component changes we made to reduce a specific noise frequency we had on the device.

Also, if you buy a second hand MOD Duo, you won’t have the 30-day money-back period that you get by buying on our website, and, depending on how long the device has been out, the extended warranty period may have passed.

Hope this helps and that we can hear your MOD-enhanced didgeridoo soon!


Hi @dwek,
thanks for your reply. Oke then I understand.
Well you know I for sure wlll not bring a MOD back…i am to exited to work with the device.
But I understand now what is about. I sure want to work with MOD and the FaceBass (will post a video too for saxophone guy (sorry lost his name for a sec) so you can see what that is all about.

Any way buying a new one would have my preference so that means to do some more performances and some more didgeridoo classes or sell my online courses and I can by one. :wink:

you can actualy see here what I actualy do with the didgeridoo :wink:

Thanks @dwek and so connected with this project and the great vibe you all have here!.
Enjoy your evening and keep you updated.

Musical happy greetings

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I’m an authorized MOD Re-Seller and offer the 30-Day money back guarantee. or shoot me PM.


I believe the new versions (non-kickstarter) has a nicer chassis. It’s the same but the process was refined and the casing looks nicer.


thanks @Skydiver checking your site soon,
but now need to quit the computer screen and get to bed, in Finland its bed time hahaha
(well need to get up early tomorrow Finnish langauge course again so better be a fresh dude :wink:


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You are absolutely right! The enclosure and assembly were improved so that the device looks better.

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he and @Skydiver, just clicked on your photo. and wonderful to read you play the chapmen stick, that is an awesome instrument :wink: .
But that is it from me , I am flying to bed.
talk to all later again.

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