MOD - IR Loader Cabsim

A cabinet simulator plugin that loads impulse response (IR) files.

Requires v1.10 release, with IR files placed in the “Speaker Cabinet IRs” subfolder.
This plugin is specifically created for handling speaker cabinet IRs, it is not optimized for handling larger files like reverb IRs.
We will handle that later with a different plugin.



Thank you so much. This is what I needed! However, I cannot find it in the plugin store online. Is it still a work in progress?


Hi @Mikko1270, you should be able to see it when you search for “ir loader” on the plugin store. Please do note, that this plugin is only visible if you are running the 1.10 release. The release cadidate for this release is now available, please see: Release 1.10.0-RC1. It’s not possible to see/use this plugin with any older release.


Got it working. It sounds awesome. Thanks Mod Team!


I’ve just installed 1.10 and tried to give this a go on my Duo, I don’t know anything about IR but I’ve been wanting to try Ola Englund’s cab IR for a while. The plugin installs and the default Alice in Bones IR seems to work fine, I’m having some issues with Ola’s IR though…

  1. After uploading the wav file it did not appear in the IR plugin’s drop down list, I had to delete the plugin from the pedalboard and then add it again to get the new IR to appear.

  2. The new IR doesn’t work, there is no sound at all from the Duo when the new IR is selected and nothing is showing on the output LEDs of the Duo. Selecting the Alice in Bones IR again works fine.

There’s a video of Ola making the IR here, so you can see it’s just the amp/cab and also some other details of how it was made
Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses Explained FREE DOWNLOAD - Home Recording Tips - YouTube

The dropbox link is here: Dropbox - Hesu 2x12 V30 - 440 center edge.wav - Simplify your life

Hello @pjd,

the impulse response file in the dropbox is 44.1kHz 24bit mono,
all other impulses I downloaded and tested so far are stereo.
I don’t know if that is the cause the response file is not functioning in the IR loader cabsim.

Greetings and God bless, Marius

This is known by us. Currently, you need to refresh the plugin or the WebGUI after loading the samples.

This one is not the result of our tests. What sort of file are you loading as IR? Are you sure that there’s nothing wrong with it?

Cheers, I’ll try to find a stereo IR later to try.

Ah ok that’s great, I’ll look forward to future updates :slight_smile:

It’s a wav file, it’s just an amp and cab IR. I did not generate it but my post included a link to a video with detailed explanation of how it was generated and a link to the file. I don’t know anything about IR, but the person who generated it makes lots of IR files which are quite popular, would it be possible for you to add this IR to your tests?

I’m happy to test out other IRs if there are links to them.

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Hey @pjd, I got some inputs for you.
The problem with those particular IR is the time of silence at the beginning of the IR that you are using.
For now, we recommend cutting off the silence at the beginning of that .wav file. We tried this in the office, and it made the file work like a charm!
We will do tests in-house to see if we can make the FFT-SIZE larger so that IRs with a bit of silence at the start still work.
It’s really important for us that you raise this issue. The plugin is still a work in progress and the impulse responses that you are using are pretty disseminated (so our plugin must support them with no tweaking).


That’s great, thanks! I’ll try to give this a test later and let you know if it works.

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I investigated not further, but nice to hear some more analysis had done the trick.

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Thanks for looking into this so quickly today, I’ve just edited that IR file, chopping the silence at the start and also the silence afterwards and it’s now working great!

This is really cool and I’ll continue to try other IR files, thanks so much for all your hard work in adding IR file support especially on the old hardware.


What are the requirements for the Cab IRs?
The length of the .wav file? 20ms? 180ms? The longer the length, the more accurate the cab.
The sample rate of the IRs? 44.1k? 48k?
24 bits?

Like to know so that when I buy or ask people to make an IR, I can tell them the specification.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: I would say that the current solution is not optimal. So we will probably put some thought into how to fix it the best way possible. Meanwhile…you already know the trick :wink:

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Currently it’s 128 samples. What means around 2.7ms.
We will try to make a build and update it to 2048 samples what would turn out around 42.7ms, but that is not yet done.


From the specific IR cab usage, Pete Thorn here shows that 20ms length is more than enough

Maybe 2048 samples are just fine.


A quick read of the comments would suggest it is good for Electric Guitars.

It looks like instruments that go lower might benefit from longer :slight_smile: please don’t leave us bass players out :wink:


We won’t :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, I’m attempting to get this working in a desktop mod-ui setup. I’ve got browsepy running and the standard directory layout which includes Speaker Cabinet IRs but the cabsim dropdown only shows the Alice in Bones IR (no amount of restarts helps this).

Can you describe the end-to-end mechanism for files in Speaker Cabinet IRs showing up in the dropdown menu? Reading the cabsim source isn’t enlightening me :wink:

Thanks for writing this, its a very useful feature.