MOD in the wild!

I think it’ll be fun to see and hear MOD Duos out in the wild. Post your gig videos!

I’ll start! I’m stage-right playing a tele through the duo into a ZT Club. Sorrynotsorry about the potato-quality and the fact that it’s a 1am bar gig and most of us had quite a few :beers: by then!

Here’s the pedalboard:


Fantastic @daniel thanks for sharing!

Hey @daniel

Share this one on the Feed with a sound sample.

I’d love to hear it :wink:

Good idea. Will do when I get a chance! It’s super simple but has been my go-to tone for gigs all summer.

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Hi Daniel,

Great idea to post the MOD in action at gigs so people see it as a live tool as much as a recording device. Love the style and sound of the band, are you using the MOD through an amp or direct in this video?

I’ll try and post some live footage as well once I get comfy with it, it will also be cool to see the range of styles the MOD is used for live.

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It’s mainly a gigging tool for me — it makes my setup a lot easier than having several pedals. I always play through an amp because the monitor situation is never sufficient for small shows and I’m never quite happy with any amp+speaker simulation (even on the MOD, alas). I usually play through a ZT Club amp (200 watts solid state) or an AC30 head through a 2x10" cab and they both work great with the MOD.

OK here’s my first gig with the MOD Duo :grin:

Like Daniel’s this is not a very elaborate pedalboard, I’m using the Duo with a Fender Pro Junior tube amp and in this footage primarily the Spice Plugin, Tube screamer and a bit of Reverb from the MVerb plugin, I also use the high Pass filter @ 300hz since I play baritone guitars tuned to ‘C’ and ‘B’ through a small amp. On some songs I’m also using the Big Muff a fair bit and loving it. I’ll very much look forward to the arrival of my extra footswitches to easily add more effects for playing live.

*Pardon the dry stage camera mix and the occasional gust of wind pushing the cameras into distortion…


Rockin it Glen!! :smiley: Nice job - is your son playing the drums? Good stuff there too :slight_smile:


Hi Harry!

Thanks so much, will pass your compliments on to Connor as well. Great to see OpenAV stuff in the MOD! :wink:

Used the Mod Duo as a effect rack on a mixing console at a live gig in North west Iceland last night. The crew was really fascinated by it.


Just wanted to show off :slight_smile:

I was using my MOD duo as a part of the setup for a small gig few days ago. It was used to add some delay and power to digiridoo and xaphoon sound coming from microphone.

This is the pedalboard:

And this is the jam:



Another video here shot using the MOD-Duo, this time tracking live in the studio. As usual not a complicated pedalboard, essentially the Tubescreamer and a touch of MVerb in front of my amp.


Hi Glen nice playing, but the guitar is a way to clean for my taste. Add more drive will give it more taste, at least for me.

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Hi @brummer

Thanks for the comment, For a telecaster that’s pretty overdriven on the bridge pickup :wink:, but I do understand what you are saying. I guess my idea of the sound is from a lot of my influences. The guys whose sound I like (Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher, Roy Buchanan, Albert King, Freddie King, etc) don’t really use distortion as much as overdriving the amp tubes naturally so to me for this style of music this is the sound I’m looking for and your Tubescreamer sim really does a great job of enhancing that tube overdrive sound without going into metal style distortion.

The sound on this video is the sound I would love to get from the MOD-Duo WITHOUT using a tube amp so although we don’t agree on what the ‘right’ sound is, you at least can hear an example of what I’m looking for at least. I also need to try some recordings with your new Guitarix plugins, I have them all on the system but haven’t had time to record with them yet.


I hoped it was just the mod duo. I really like the sound.

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Hi @nils

To be honest the Tubescreamer is switched on for the solo, the rest of the song is all natural tubes (with a touch of MVerb from the Duo).

Hey guys

While at the NAMM Show 2017 I had the pleasure to attend the Stick Night and saw some great Stick players.

I managed to capture @Jeremy_Cubert playing the NS Stick using the MOD Duo.

Here’s a bit of the footage:

I found it amazing!


Thanks, Gianfranco! It was great to meet you and the MOD Duo team! I am a big fan of the MOD Duo with the Chapman Stick. For this piece, I was using the Railboard Chapman Stick into the MOD Duo. I also used a Keith McMillan SoftStep for additional controls and it works seamlessly. I am looking forward to integrating the MOD Duo as a standalone rig, with my other pedals, and for my keyboard rig as well - the customization is outstanding.

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A clip from rehearsal using the Mod-Duo with the CAPS Phaser and the Big Muff + MVerb.


Awesome! Rocking solo at 3:15 too, loving the bends at 3:28 too :smiley: 3:50 reminds me of a Frank-Zappa-esq solo for some reason! Keep on jammin…

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