Mod-host and pedalboards

I’m reading the docs of mod-host.

From what I can get, it’s a cli/socket tool where you can manually add/manipulate/connect plugins.

What I can’t find are the commands to load/save entire pedalboards.

Is there another tool for this functionality via cli?

mod-host is not the one handling the session state, mod-ui is.
a bit weird in design maybe, but that allows us to keep the state even in the case of audio/host crash (due to bad plugins)

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So I need to query the web UI, possibly with rest, in order to get pedalboard data and all their plugins?

I have no idea what you are trying to do, what the target is, so… maybe? you did not specify what you are trying to achieve here.

you cannot communicate with a running mod-host instance that is connected with mod-ui without expecting issues

Well, basically I’d like to get rid of the standard web UI, which I find useless in live situation.

I don’t WANT to replace it, of course. At the moment is the only way to create pedalboards and manipulate connections between plugins,

One of the biggest drawbacks of the ModDuo is that unfortunately you have no way of accessing EVERY plugin and parameter in a pedalboard without either using the web UI or manually assign EVERY parameter at “design time” to one of the 2 knobs.

Both those situations are almost impratical live, during soundchecks on stage or in a rehearsal. The first requires having a PC connected to the Duo at all times, the second gets nearly impossible when you have more than 10 parameters to cycle.

And I NEED to have fast access to every parameter, like with a real soundboard. You always need some fine adjustment when you play live. Cut off a frequency to avoid feedback. Reduce or increase reverb depending on the locale…

If one could query all pedalboards, all plugns in a pedalboards, all parameters in a plugin, and set them via JSON and a HTTP endpoint (or a socket) making up a very simple UI for a small device, or a Raspberry PI with a LCD screen would be easy.

[quote=“falkTX, post:4, topic:3670, full:true”]you cannot communicate with a running mod-host instance that is connected with mod-ui without expecting issues

If there’s no web client connected to the Mod Duo, would it still count?

I don’t expect to use the regular Web UI and my replacement at the same time.

Yes, the mod-ui software is essential, it does more than just communicating with the audio host and managing the session, it also does all the needed interaction with the controller menus

You cannot replace it. what you are trying to do is completely unsupported.

I see and I understand.

I’ll try to turn the table around a bit and try to exlain my “user story” then.

My thought of an “alternate UI” were just a workaround for a necessity that can not be fulfilled by the “phisical” knob/button UI of the Duo.

I find a real need to be able to modify ANY parameter of ANY plugin of the loaded pedalboard, in emergency cases.

As for now, unless I manually assign every parameter to either of the 2 knobs when I design the pedalboard (and I remember to update the assigment if I ever add another plugin) this is not possible.

Could it be possible for me to request this feature? It doesn’t have to be anything remotely fancy. It can be as awkward as hell, require lots of clicks and knob turning. I have been using Zoom and similar rack units in the '90 so I’m quite used to having to scroll through long lists of parameters with no touchscreen, mouse or keyboard.

It just matters that the feature is there.