MOD GUI documentation?

Hi Guys,

I have successfully got a plugin built and running on the Mod.

Now I’m looking at getting the gui done.

Naively I though that Mod Sdk would do that for me after running the wizard but that doesn’t seem to be the case :frowning: (although it does seem to work with the x64 version running in mod app!)

In Mod Sdk there is a link for the MOD GUI specs but this is broken.

I have had a look in github and a search on the internet but have not been able to find this documentation.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please.



the sdk creates a new folder with just the new modgui in your lv2 directory (or at least tries to) you can then copy the data out of this into your plugin source or bundle modifying ttl as necessary (you will need to integrate the 2 manifest.ttl).

Thanks very much for the info, I’ll have a look in the morning…

The new website broke the lv2 namespace…

Use this URL in the mean time:

Great, thanks for that.

Hi Guys,

I managed to get the ui going but had to resort to ssh and scp!

I’m a bit confused about the build system but will make a new post on that.

Thanks for all the help