MOD Footswitch not working with MOD DUO X


I recently purchased the MOD Duo X and MOD Footswitch.

I’m running the latest Aug 5 version of the Duo X firmware and the web interface shows the “Up to Date” tick.

I had trouble controlling plugins in the pedalboards. With the “Footswitch #1” assigned, the Footswitch display would correctly show the plugin name, and occasionally pressing the footswitch would toggle the LED - but nothing happened to the plugin.

Hovering over the the CC icon in the web interface was showing “No Control Chain devices connected”.

The Footswitch was showing version 0.3.3 (might have been 0.3.0). I noticed the “Latest Version” for the Footswitch in the web interface was 0.2.2, so even though it was a lower version, I decided to “Upgrade” to it. The Footswitch is now 0.2.2.

I now have the problem that the Footswitch is not recognised at all, and it no longer appears in the Control Chain tab when setting up controllers. Instead, I now get the message “No Control Chain devices connected…”

How do I get the Footswitch working with the Duo X?


Hi @zappso,

Thank you for your message and sorry to hear you’re having issues with the MOD Footswitch.

Our tech support team at will be able to assist you with that. Just send an email to them so we can open a ticket.


I think I know what the issue is. Those footswitches need the newer version to work, but that version never got published (it is 0.3.0).
We were waiting to do control-chain related work and then do an update of the footswitch firmware at the same time, but we had to focus on other areas.

Let me try to put the 0.3.0 firmware as the latest version now… will report back.

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@zappso now updated. let us know if that works for you now, thanks.

PS: there are no user-facing changes with 0.2.2 -> 0.3.0 update, only internal things regarding binary size and self-test.

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Thanks for pushing the update through. I’ve upgraded the footswitch to 0.3.0, which is what it was when I originally received it.

Unfortunately, I’m still getting “No Control Chain devices connected” and can’t assign any switches.

I’ve tried a second straight ethernet cable, incase that was the problem. Also tried clearing the browser cache incase that was the problem (Safari, latest MacOS).

Update: just tried using Firefox on Mac. Same problem.

@zappso, please write to Your unit may need to be repaired or swapped out for another.

Just wanted to note here that I resolved the issue. The connector between the CC sockets and the main board had come loose inside the footswitch - probably due to the unit being tossed around for weeks during shipping. Plugged it in properly and now everything works as expected.