Mod Foot Pedal?

What ever happened to the Mod Foot Pedal?


I have one on the floor here.


We continue to maintain and support the MOD Footswitch. For the time beeing, we are not producing though.

There are some components unavailable and a special one is end of life. So it requires some engineering attention, samples and testing before we can go for the next batch. This is not huge but we will only tackle that once the MOD Expression is done engineering-wise.

More or less as it was before, the MOD Footswitch shall be avaiable for sale again mid next year. We consider some slight changes, but will carefully balance that with the further delays that might cost.


hey @friedsilence … good to hear the footswitch could come back into production!

one thing you might consider: on my 1st-gen footswitch, the screws which hold the bottom panel became stripped pretty quickly. actually, i think it’s the holes in the enclosure which are stripping, because it’s fairly thin metal with self-tapping screws. i’d suggest you look at proper machine screws with more substantial, fully threaded holes.

…and i did have to get a couple of replacement switches from MOD after a few years… still, it’s now a standard feature in my performance rig! :grinning:


Hi @plutek, well we are too aware of those issues, nice you could fix them and have the footswitch in proper use. While it’s a pretty simple low-tech device, the value in a performance can be tremendous, we hear that again and again.

Therefore we are not going to reinvent anything for the next batch, just qualifiy necesary parts and improve build quality. Some small mechanical design changes were already made, and we won’t compromise on the switch supplier ever again.

Besides that, all Footswitches including those already shipped will also benefit on general Control Chain
developments we are doing related to the MOD Expression.


I don’t remember if I ever bought one…. Was all your previous orders fulfilled?

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Yes. There are no footswitches to be fulfilled.
The MOD Footswitch actually was out of stock quite long time ago and these production issues that @friedsilence mentioned were already happening, so for a long while that there’s no production or stock

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I don’t think I would have kept my mod devices without mod footswitch. It’s a must have. I’ve tried different midi footswitch but there’s no visual feedback so it’s unusuable.
I’m happy with mine, no issue, good quality.


I’m very interested when it will be re-issued again. I absolutely see the advantage of adding this to my DuoX.


Ok… let Me/us know when it will be in stock.
It’s a must have device…