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Features Index

This post is an index to all requested features that will be implemented soon or in the future. We will keep this post updated then you can pass by here from time to time and find out what’s going on.

You can click in the features links to follow/participate of the discussion over them. Do not hesitate to ask for new features but please, always create a new topic for each feature request, don’t do it in here.

Thank you all for all the great ideas and feedback!

Future Release


Any news on what you are planning for the next release?

I’ve updated the first post with details about v1.2 now.

Note that tap-tempo is per control, not a global one yet.
And it’s basically just a new type of addressing, one that allows to have specific controls addressed to a footswitch.


custom ranges for CC!! YES! :smiley:

Can we get assigning multiple commands to a single button/CC added to the list? :wink: Happy to skype with someone to talk about how that would work/look/be used, if that’s useful (or can just type more about it here! :slight_smile: )

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I’ve updated the first post.
v1.3.0 is now released, which brings pedalboard presets among other things.

Next release will focus mostly on control chain.
We’ll add a few nice small things to it too.


Would it be possible to make it so you choose what plugins are affected in “scenes”?
That way you could for instance change anreverb and Not have to re-save every “scene”?

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