The second Christmas gift for our beloved users, the MOD EZComp!

Keeping the commitment to offer a lot of value to device owners without requiring additional purchases, we’re glad to bring you this new compressor plugin.

Modelled from the famous MXR Dyna Comp, this plugin features a dynamic model of the original pedal, made from multiple captures to provide the original Dyna Comp sound through its entire range.

Hope you all enjoy!!

Gianfranco, aka The MOD Father


Hey Gianfranco,
Merry Christmas and thank you a lot for the new additions!
An easy to use compressor is very much appreciated, especially when you just want to adjust everything a little bit in a live situation!

There’s only one thing I really miss with all of our compressors and that’s an indicator on how much compression is happening right now. It’s of course possible to use two level meters in front and behind the plugin, but it’s not so easy to play and watch both meters at the same time to get a feel on how much is happening. I would just love to see the numbers to roughly adjust everything through the GUI and from there on tweak it as needed.

Nonetheless thank you for everything!
Hope you enjoy some well deserved quiet and peace with your family!


I tested it on Bass. As the first piece in a heavily distorted signal chain, for both compression and boosting. It’s great!


Yeah it’s excellent on bass from first inspection! Really love the simplicity of it.

Need to check again in a little more detail but when I engaged it I saw a pretty big jump in CPU usage. I’ll have a little more time soon to play though soon so I’ll try on a fresh board without beta plugins etc.