MOD Dwarf: Your best device - marketing idea

Hi All,

Not sure how far you’ve got with your relaunch marketing but just thought I’d share a thought I had regarding your plan of pitching the Dwarf as being “best of breed” or at least “up there” in a number of key categories. Please disregard if it’s been done before or you’re already moving on a better idea.

Anyway, the (very simple) idea is about basing it around “MOD Dwarf: Your best…”

So if your were plugging the looper functionality, the heading would be “MOD Dwarf: Your best Looper” but through the text and graphics you’d also make it clear that it’s also “Your best reverb, chorus, amp sim, cab sim” etc (can imagine a video flicking through these other options).

Of course, “your best” isn’t the same as “THE best” so it gives a bit of wiggle room… :wink:

Anyway I’ve had that thought in the back of my mind for a few weeks so I thought I’d send it your way just in case. Simple ideas are often the best…



I would say (without saying much) that that is a bit of what we are going for.
We had a sort of preview/test of that with the Guitar Synth and really soon there will be more.

Regardless, thanks for sharing the idea, and this type of participation is really welcome. Please keep them coming :slight_smile: