Mod dwarf, very noisy background signal

Hi folks
I am having, besides other pedals, the mod dwarf. Just by lack of time I started recently to work with the dwarf (trying to) . I have the latest firmware upgrade, I am using balanced output jack into the audio interface. But I can’t get rid of that noise. It is constantly the same pitch. If I use my other pedal, Stomp XL, silence , no noise, same applies to all other pedals, except the Mod Dwarf. Any help or suggestions, please

Hi! There are several topics discussing eliminating noise. I think this one has the most different suggestions to try, but there are other topics as well.

TL:DR - often using a non-grounded power supply clears up the noise, but there are other things to try first.


were you able to clear up the background signal, and if yes how ? (I started looking at the mentioned thread, but it goes in so many possible directions…)

In my own case I replaced the power supply with an USB C 30W charger with PD (Power Delivery, it means that in given circumstances can provide more than the classic 5V) and an USB PD Cable tuned to get 12V from the charger. Also, I bought a cheap behringer “Hum Destroyer” (which goes to an amp, if you use an audio interface you may need something different). This solved my groud loop issues.

For the noises coming from single coils if you are in an environment with bad cabling or high loads (washing machines, …) there is not much on what you can do… not only with mod dwarf. You can use the builtin noise gate or prefer positions 2 and 4 of the classic 5-way selector, where the single coils are combined (usually with inverted phases) and behaves “like” an humbucker.