Mod Dwarf stand in

Due to the complications caused by Brexit meaning items shipping to the UK don’t necessarily make it across the water as quickly as we might like I find that I did not get my package from Germany for my birthday today :slightly_frowning_face: However, my wonderful wife thought that she would make me a stop gap, and here it is

Yes, it’s a mod dwarf and he’s ready to rock!


Is that a Beta one ? ; )


Better yet, it’s a custom!


Damn, jealous!

That dwarf looks like it rocks!

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His time is done - I got my Dwarf this morning!


Oh this is super unfortunate. But your wife really rocks :love_you_gesture:
When you finally get your (other) MOD Dwarf you should share with us some videos of you both rocking. Or even the 3 of you :wink:


It’s here and I’m fiddling :laughing:

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The hat makes me think that it is an alternate model. Its a stand in for the “MOD Gnome” not the MOD Dwarf! Named after the ubiquitous garden gnomes found in backyards, and is primarily a platform for “dirt” pedals. :slight_smile:


He’s actually a crossover - as is traditional the Dwarf is holding his work tool, an axe, and is off to work in the (orchestra) pit.

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Here we are, 2 Dwarfs together!


Could you test this here? Noises, crackles, why? - #6 by T-Pulse

I think somebody with expression pedal should test it.

Have you tried with no exp pedal attached?

I can tell you that I never had this problem with the Dwarf that I have. This is an issue that related to a single unit and/or some specific setup, not with all of them.
And yes, I recorded that Dwarf already in at least 3 new songs for a music project where I play and we are recording a full album. On this setup, I actually use a lot of DIY tools including a guitar and a MIDI controller (inside that guitar) and I have not found this issue. But please let’s leave this conversation on the right thread that is the Noises, crackles, why? - #6 by T-Pulse