MOD Dwarf recommended MIDI cable?


I have recently received a MOD Dwarf and I am trying to connect its ‘MIDI in’ to a MIDI source.
The wiki says a “3.5mm TRS MIDI Type-A cable” is required. Just like the user in the below post, I made the mistake to ignore the ‘Type A’ part, and order a cable at Amazon that is fit for MIDI usage, but it doesn’t work.

Can anyone recommend a correct cable? I’d like the cable to be at least 3 meters in length.


Ref.: “Does hardware 3.5mm MIDI work?” -SOLVED: MIDI TRS connectors uses “Type A” wiring

Maybe this will help:

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Any TRS-MIDI type A should work. I got the Befaco ones and they work perfectly

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Thank you @Simon @jon I went ahead and ordered that exact set of Befaco cables, extending them if I have to.
The link that Simon shared also mentioned of a Type A cable/adapter, at the bottom of that page.


I legit use just run of the mill auxiliary cords that you can buy from a gas station for my trs A midi.

I have one device that requires an adaptor, but the rest can be handled by cheap cables


Well, over the past week I’ve tried several cables. My findings:

It’s the Type A wiring that does it, information I naively ignored because it was difficult to find a longer cable.

Cheers, K

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Thanks for sharing your findings with the community :slight_smile:

It actually lacks quite some information on the type, etc. I would say that you may be able to make it work if you invert the cables to the type A combination. Anyway, I’m not sure if it’s worth the work.

Yep. They are super cool and not so expensive :wink: