MOD Dwarf progressive CPU buildup to 100%

Hi, I’m hoping there’s an obvious answer to this, and I know it may have something to do with the audio routing, per this thread:

but I have a pedalboard that starts at 68% CPU, and can stay that way for some time, until starting to progressively build over a couple minutes to 100%. This is without using the loopers, or the midi side of things, though all the plugins are on. Any ideas where my problem might be here would be much appreciated, along with other ways to optimize my pedal flow!

I try to run in parallel as much as possible unless I’m purposefully effecting another effect. Every single effect you run in series has to first be processed through the effect before it which is another thing for the MOD to figure out, which adds both CPU cycles and latency. Sometimes it’s unavoidable—I like to finish everything out through the stereo gain, for example, or an octave sounds really good THROUGH distortion—but the less you string effects in series, the less you’ll tax the CPU.


First of all: Impressive Pedalboard!

If I would have the issue I’d try to reduce the pedalboard step by step in order to see which part raises the CPU load. But doing it one by one seems very time consuming…

In your case I “see” two halfs - the upper half and the lower one - mixed together with the Stereo X Fade.
So maybe you save two flavours of that pedalboard for testing:

1st: Upper half only - everything from the lower half is removed from the pedalboard
2nd: Lower half only - everything from the lower half is removed from the pedalboard

Afterwards you just monitor the CPU load and hopefully you’ll find the “half” which contains the problem - or you discover that the effect only appears if both halfs are there…


You are using a lot of plugins and some of them are quite heavy.
All the suggestions/feedback from @Dan_The_Man and @RashDecisionAudio are accurate and may be a reason.
Another reason is that you are using a beta plugin and these types of plugins are less tested/improved. I tried the pedalboard myself in a MOD DuoX and taking out only the Calf Limiter reduced quite a bit of the CPU consumptions. I’m not sure that only this would help you get the problem solved, but in the end, the problem is actually caused by the quantity/heaviness of the plugins.


Need to correct this part.
The latency is fixed within the entire system. It is the amount of available CPU that changes.
Within the fixed 128 buffer size at 48kHz sampling rate, what plugins you are able to fit change with how many you have loaded and how you organize them.

Loading more plugins will not increase the latency, only the CPU usage.
At a certain point you cant load more plugins because the CPU is past its limits. Parallelizing the audio chain often helps in this case, if it applies to the sound you want to create anyway.


Thanks João (And Dan and Rash!), I took out the calf limiter and it does seem to be stable for now at around 64%. I do need to run some effects through others, and I also need a lot of stuff going on for what I’m trying to do, I think… I’m clearly ignorant of a lot of “Mod Devices Best Practices” and am just trying to discover the sounds I’m looking for, but like with anything so versatile, I think there are probably simpler ways of getting there, especially as I’ve already started to bump up against the Dwarf cpu limit here and there. It might be great if you guys could have a longtime Mod expert share a whole bunch of tips, or some kind of practical guide that goes beyond the wiki. I know that’s a lot to ask, and I guess that’s partially what this community is for, I definitely got some good info on this thread about how the Dwarf works and how to go about optimizing a pedalboard. Anyway, I’m hoping I can use this mostly as is, really enjoying my Dwarf, now that I’ve dialed in the input/output settings and have a new power plug! Thanks!


You are welcome :slight_smile:

If you are trying to discover the sounds that you are looking for you are doing exactly the “MOD Devices best practices”. Another best practice that you should be doing (and you did) is to try to break things and report them to us. That is awesome because I believe that you can understand that we can give the same attention to AAAALLLL the small details in plugins and in all the platform. So if some user finds something broken or that doesn’t seem to work is a great practice to report it :wink: