MOD DWARF potentially for SALE


As a never-entirely-convinced user, and now having had a quick scan of what’s going on here after experiencing problems with the web portal, I’m going to resort back to the Plan B I had before I opted to purchase a DWARF last year. So, I have one in mint condition with all cables, USB stick and box, that will be gathering dust unless it finds a new home… I understand that people who have been involved with the kickstarter might not get their units, and would be open to accepting fair offers from people based on that understanding (I don’t know how much you kickstarters put down for one already…)

Feel free to DM or reply, with interest or just thoughts on what a fair deal would be…

Thanks. Very best…

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As a Tier 3 stakeholder, since MOD not fulfilling these physical orders and offering the invested funds in the form of future company shares after the reformatting of the company, I would gladly trade my investment stake for your physical product.

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Assuming I understand you correctly, I would say thanks for the offer––but my intention here is to switch completely and not look back! So, I’m not interested in gaining a stake in MOD. Just looking for a simple sale transaction––but I’m happy to discuss the price with an open mind based on what’s going on with the unfulfilled orders, rather than try and sell privately beyond this forum… Thanks again!