MOD Dwarf - Plugin Portal slows WebGUI

Hi there! I’ve noticed that when I use the Portal plugin, which is awesome, my pedalboard’s WebGUI starts to become slower over time, particularly when I make changes to parameters in my rig. It is slowest every change I do. Interestingly, when I remove the Portal plugins, the WebGUI speeds up again.

I’m thinking that there could be a problem with the animations used in the Portal plugins. Perhaps they’re causing the slowdown. Have you encountered anything similar before? Is there any way to disable the animation?



Dido and following.

Very strange, I’ve been using Portal since day one and never had an issue with it… until today when this exact slow down behavior started! I have only tested with Chrome and maybe an update there is causing the issue? I found that if I switch to a different tab and then back to the Mod UI, it “resets” and the UI goes back to working normally for a bit.


i’ve noticed that complex pedalboards have CPU load problems (high CPU usage on the host computer, to the point of stalling), and especially so with ANY plugins which use animation - portals, meters, gain plugins with metering.

i tested different browsers, and had consistently better results with Firefox than with Chrome, Brave, or Safari. here’s a thread with some observations (although it concentrates more on the general loading with a complex pedalboard, rather than specifically on animated plugins):

…i now routinely avoid plugins with animation whenever possible, and exclusively use Firefox for pedalboard editing - this has made it actually possible to edit my complex pedalboards.

but, still, it seems like there’s something that should be addressed in how these plugins use GUI rendering resources, and i’d argue that the animations are often superfluous and should be switchable. it also is an argument for an on-device CPU monitor, to confirm whether or not these sorts of things are at play at all during non-tethered use of MOD devices.


When the lag gets bad, it gets B A D. My workaround is just removing the portals when editing the pedalboard, then putting them back. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot quicker than trying to use the webGUI while portals are active.

Whatever it is that’s causing the lag, I really hope it gets resolved soon. They do an amazing job of reducing the CPU usage, so they’re very valuable to have in a pedalboard chain.