MOD DWARF MIDI Through / Clock Sync?

Hi, everyone.

This is my first message in this forum. Apologies beforehand because maybe I have missed the threads or the info in the manual that talk about this, but I have tried to find it.

I am a relatively new user of a DWARF and I love it. I am controlling it with a DIY Arduino-based MIDI Controller and would like to know if what I want to do is possible.

I recently got a copy of STLTones Amphub and would like to control it via the MIDI controller through the DWARF, and at the same time have the DWARF send the tempo information via its internal clock. I have tried everything my limited knowledge has allowed me to, but I am unable to get a result. Could somebody help me or point me in the direction to where something like this has been discussed?


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Have you found this ?

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Yes! Apparently the sync doesn’t work very well in Reaper so I am looking for alternatives.

Regarding the MIDI Through question, I didn’t realize how modular the DWARF is and didn’t think of connecting the MIDI Input to a MIDI Output. That is solved at least.

Thanks for your help!

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