MOD Dwarf Measurements (Latency, Distortion, etc...)


As I happen to just have received my MOD Dwarf, I decided to make a few measurements, similar to what I had done for the MOD Duo. This time however, I did it in a more standard way, so that you can also reproduce and compare if you’d like. I’m using the REW software, which is freely available. My set-up is as follows:

MOD Dwarf

  • Founders’ Edition. Software v1.12.2.3013
  • All input/output gains as per factory (0.0dB, apart from the headphone gain, which I’m not using anyway)
  • Ground loop compensation ON
  • Block length of 128
  • Simple pedalboard connecting IN1 straight to OUT1


  • RME Fireface UC
  • 48kHz and 96 samples (the latter doesn’t really matter)
  • Loopback for calibration and time reference

Here are the results:

  • Latency of ~8.1ms → as expected, similar to the MOD Duo
  • Frequency response is almost perfectly flat
  • THD is actually a bit disappointing I’d say. The worst “meaningful” value is of 0.975% @41.3Hz ( lower E note on the bass). However, @1kHz it goes down to 0.029% and from then onto 10kZ it goes up to 0.068%

In the beginning I was facing severe issues with noise as mentioned in a few topics and mostly here. For me it was partially coming from the USB cable and mostly from the power supply. When I replaced the power supply with one I had without the ground pin, the issue seems to be solved. Waiting for the NT1215 from Thomann to see if it remains the case. All of the measurements above were done after I changed the power supply to the working one.

I uploaded the MDAT file with the complete REW measurements here. This way, you can download REW, import it and take a peek if you’re interested.


I’ve replaced the power supply and I use one of these on the USB.