MOD Dwarf & HX Stomp fx loop and power supply

So I guess I’m the new guy, hello everyone! :raising_hand_man:t2:

I got my Dwarf yesterday and really want to get into the ropes with it. Having read lots and lots and lots aaaand lots of posts, I realize that I have embarked on quite a journey, but I’m confident that I’ll manage soon.

So here is my current setup and desired use case:

I play electric and acoustic guitar and have an HX Stomp with a Dunlop DVP4 as exp/vol pedal and run a Morningstar MC6 plus additional Ampero Switch as a Midi controller. This all goes into an old Marshall AS100D (which may be replaced by a Fender Tone Master FR-10 soon).

I got the Dwarf mainly to free up some DSP on my HXS for now, however I realize that I may get rid of the Stomp entirely, once I have a full grasp of the Dwarf - but that is well in the future for now.

My idea was to utilize the Stomp‘s fix loop with the two inputs/outputs of the Dwarf and set up one fx block in the Stomp‘s chain before the Amp for distortion/dirt coming from the Dwarf and another fx loop at the end for all the pretty stuff - again both coming from the Dwarf. Like this as an over simplified example to show the chain (I realize that I could find some of those blocks in the Dwarf, just want to show what I mean):

Guitar → Compressor HXS → fx loop L HXS (overdrive and distortion on Dwarf) → Amp & Cab HXS → fx loop R HXS (reverb and delay on Dwarf) → looper HXS → out into AS100D

I run a TRS to 2x TS splitter from send (Stomp) to inputs 1&2 (Dwarf) and then two TS cables from send 1&2 (Dwarf) to return L&R (Stomp). I have also made sure that the global settings on the Stomp are not set to AUX for the loop.

The problem that I am looking to solve is that if I setup a pedalboard in (on?) the Dwarf with distortion (top „chain“ using the upper input/output jacks left and right on the screen) and another „chain“ with reverb using the bottom jacks, I only get a sound out of the distortion fx block on the Stomp, the other block remains silent.

Is anyone else utilizing two fx blocks in their HXS and can help me to figure out what I am doing wrong? Once I get this to work, I can dive deeper into the possibilities of the Dwarf and will surely ask a ton of more questions here :sweat_smile:

Another one for you HXS & Dwarf users: I run a Truetone DC6 to power my Stomp and MC6, but it doesn’t seem to handle the Dwarf even with a current doubler cable. Any suggestions for a multi power unit that can handle all three devices? Looking at a Cioks SOL or DC7 but trying not to break the bank :blush:

Wow this turned out to longer than I had expected, sorry! Look forward to your ideas, thanks! :guitar:

I guess I am alone with this one, but managed to figure it out, so just a quick update, in case anyone has read this and came across similar troubles:

  1. I replaced my TRS to 2x TS splitter cable with this one from Thomann and now it works. Must have been the other cable causing the problems. Now I have two fx loops in my Stomp, one for the dirt and one for the wets just like I wanted :+1:t2:

  2. Power supply: I decided not to risk it and not to replace my power unit (Truetone DC6), instead I mounted the Dwarf power supply underneath my board and run a power cable splitter like this one into both the DC6 and the Dwarf’s PU

Now the fun part starts and I can dial in the tones I am looking for (probably won’t actually be playing my guitar for months :rofl:)