MOD DWARF - Huge Background Noise

Hi ! I just received my MOD DWARF yesterday and I can already say that it’s an awesome product, it will take a big place in my setup. Good job Mod Team :slight_smile:

But I have a little (big ?) problem : I have a huge digital background noise (as you can hear it here : Noise Dwarf.mp3 - Google Drive)

How can I remove it ?

Thanks !

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99% of the time it is due to ground loops.

there is a whole discussion about it in [solved] High noise level at all times

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Cooooool !

I’m so happy you got one. At least, some people got lucky to receive a unit. May I ask how you got it (kickstarter, beta, mod pre-order, or Reverb) ?

Enjoy your dwarf :+1:

Hi ! Thanks for your reply, it solved now.

I had to use a balanced jack (= stereo jack). It also work with a DI box.

@Sanji.Bo Yep Pre-order :slight_smile:


We are shipping them…but we can’t really pack all at once so it’s taking a bit longer. Anyway, It’s getting better and better and a lot of devices are coming out.