Mod Dwarf Freeze

I need help. I turned on the Dwarf today like any other day but it is freezed. I tried to restart it but it remains the same. The input led works but everything is blocked.

Even the Web app won’t start, it keeps loading but nothing happens.

What can I do to properly restart it?
There’s a way to execute an hard reset?

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Hi @al_bern
I think I had this once, after some time it boot correctly, and it never did it back !
Here is a way to force to boot in recovery mode : Troubleshooting Reinstall - MOD Wiki


I just did the troubleshooting reinstall with no issues but after the automatic reboot the dwarf is like before. Still freeze in the last pedalboard. Same with the WebUi, it keeps loading infinitely.


Are you able to conecct via ssh? You could rename the pedalboard dir so it won’t load automatically at startup.


Yes I connected the dwarf via ssh.

I copied the code "hmi-update /usr/share/mod/controller/modcontroller.bin"* (that i found on the troubleshooting section on the dwarf wiki) to refresh the screen, but is the same as before.

How can i rename the pedalboard dir?


Once connected

cd /root/.pedalboards

Ok I renamed the last pedalboard and now the dwarf is finally working. Seems that the last pedalboard I was working with is somehow corrupted and, if I click on it, the dwarf keeps loading forever.

Thanks guys!


Would be helpful to dig into the buggy pedalboard in order to fix it. Would you share it?


I’m glad that you sorted this out so fast. Thanks for the help @redcloud and @Rom
Can you remember the plugins that you were using on that pedalboard @al_bern ?


I deleted the corrupted pedalboard, but I have the backup. There’s a way to select which backup to restore? Or I only have the last one I did?

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I guess that you saved the backup in the same place that you saved the previous one it wrote on top.

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