Mod Dwarf CPU 100%

Hi!!I just got my mod dwarf today and im playing around with it but im noticing that the CPU hits 100% quite easy…Loading AIDA and convolution and a cab gets you right there.Is that normal?What is the portal plugin Leo talks about??


Portal is in the utility section of the plugin store. It helps parallelize some of the processing. Here’s a conversation about it.

But yeah, with AIDA and 2 Convolvers, Portal should help.

Note: the convolvers already do background processing, so adding portal there may or may not give you much relief.


Thanks!I`ll try it!

I set my dwarf to 256 (128 is default) samples and it really gave me plenty of cpu without too much latency. If you want to try it, you need to set it ftom the webpage interface under settings. I would love it if you could set it from device itself, or even make it patch specific but haven’t figure out if there is a way.


Same here, play always with 256 samples and the latency never bothered me, even for live looping.


note that the reverbs now include a “buffered” option that lets you do the same as the portal but without the complexity or additional latency on the dry signal.


That was actually really good at saving CPU, but sometimes the convolution reverb stops working and i need to change IR to make it work again.
Also how can i use the CPU cores by placing plugins in parallel as one of the MOD team wrote at some topic.He said that two instances in parallel use the same core but placing them in parallel make use of the other cores.Can i do that even if i`m using just one input?

Hi @Boukman,
If you want an example of parallel wiring, load the factory pedalboard called INST:AMSynth. You’ll see that after the amsynth plugin, the reverb and the delay are not in the same chain. Keep in mind that the tone can be different from in series. In this case, the delayed signal won’t contain reverb.

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