Mod Dwarf capture

I know it’s a kind of a esoteric feature on only a select few multi affects units but do you think the mud work will have capability of capturing and profiling other amplifiers in the future?

I don’t know what you mean with this topic title, but it seems you are looking for more cabinet Impulse Responses?

Since we are now getting plugins that can load these this could be fine for the community to come up with, no? Some sort of user repository of IRs that people can load on their own term.

There’s already a thread about this with some recent discussion here:

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It’s a valid question, but indeed no one knows for sure the plugins that will come in mid/long term. The priorities will always depend on the amount of you guys requesting the X or Y feature.
The new File handling capabilities open a lot of room for this kind of stuff. @dreamer, not sure if I misunderstood you, but IR cabinets are among the first plugins with File handling.
Check the latest Kickstarter update and this tutorial on our wiki.

Little note: @bleo is right and thre’s already another thread discussing this.

I know, my point here is that we could have some sort of collection or IRs to load into these.
(personally I don’t really know where to start with IR, but having a nice semi-currated collection to play with would be nice)

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That’s a great idea! It would be cool if the community contributes to it, so we have more IR. Of course, we would “feed it” as well from inside the team.

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There is the open source KPP Tube Amp Designer that allows some sort of amp profiling. I haven’t tried it, but I believe it’s a non-trivial task to port the whole profiling suite to LV2/MOD, while I do see a chance of getting the tubeAmp plugin working which loads the .tapf profiles you previously created on the computer.


No I’m not referring to IR’s of cabs but rather user created profiles of tube amps

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It helps if you make a clear topic title, because I could not have deciphered that :slight_smile:


It got you to come down from the clouds…Dreamer :stuck_out_tongue: