Mod DuoX stand, was: MDX Stand?

Well, yesterday my MDX arrived a day early, so I was very happy last night. With pedal boards already on the unit, I was able to quickly get an idea of just how versatile this machine can be. Very happy owner.

Now though, I realise that the flat angle isn’t great for my desktop usage.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a stand or something that can change the viewing angle?


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Hah, in my studio I have the same issue.

I’m thinking of designing something that can be 3d-printed (because why not, and I have access to printers). Although I’m not sure if it will fit on the print-bed.

Something off the shelf would be nice (ikea-hack or something), however I want more gear on my desk to have the same/similar angle so custom is probably better.


Hahaha I was thinking 3d printed would likely be the better option, and have myself been looking at things to hack - mainly ipad stands.

On my octatrack mk2, I have the E-rm brightside wooden sides, which give the perfect viewing angle, and would love something like that. Maybe some wooden sides for another device might work. Hmm.

Let’s hope someone brings us a solution! :grin:

Something like the IKEA Bjarni? :see_no_evil:

Whata the angle like on those?

Quick maths says the angle would be around 15deg

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Please share it with the community if you do create it.
On a complete personal side I also would like to get one :sweat_smile:


I am a woodworker. I own a CNC and a 3D printer.

I also own a Mod Duo, so if someone sends me the specs of the actual casing of the DuoX, maybe I can design something … :slight_smile:


Hello @Simon,
please have a look here

  • width: 163 mm
  • length: 188 mm
  • height: 63 mm

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Thanks a lot for this Simon :slight_smile:

Ok, this is only brain storming and all suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

I don’t own a DuoX so when we’ll be set on the design, I might need exact measurements. The ones supplied by @mj_prod seems to be overall (including the thickness of the jacks on each sides). I will also want to have the size (height, upper and lower diameters of the rubber feet so I can fit the cavities better.

I made it so we won’t need to remove the rubber feet of the DuoX. The feet cavities will prevent the DuoX from moving sideways or even upward.

The current inclination is about 15 degree but can be adjusted to be a bit lower or higher.

The tip of the leg and front of the stand will have an anti-slip type of rubber so the hole thing will not move around when buttons are being pushed in the heat of the moment.

This version is more optimized for CNC wood machining than 3D printing but we’ll see how discussions are going.

Note: It would be cool if the Mod authorities allowed for their logo to be used … :wink:

Front view:
ModX Stand Ver1 Pic1

View of the back :
ModX Stand Ver1 Pic2

Side view :
ModX Stand Ver1 Pic3

ModX Stand Ver1 Pic4


I like this.

Is there the ability to adjust the angles or is it in a fixed angle?

Edit:Clearly it’s fixed, and I’m blind :rofl:

The “leg” is tied to a slot so the angle can be adjusted slightly.

I’ll try to calculate the min and max angle we can get with the current design.


Nice thinking with accommodating the feet!

On my desk I have little rubber mats for most of the gear (also helps a bit with any resonance to/from the rest of the desk), so would probably place this underneath the stand anyway.

Wondering how I could print this in multiple pieces …

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Ikea has this tablet stand in blue or white for $3.

They have a larger model as well that works well for stiff the size of the larger Elektron boxes.

I don’t like them for Elektron machines. Too much space at the top on the big ones and the small boxes are a little too wide. I’ve six of each at the moment and can’t find a place for them :joy:

Really cool :star_struck: and thanks a lot for this.
Go ahead and use the logo :wink:

Hey Simon. I’m a designer and engineer at Mod. Great work with the design and nice of you to offer your help. Let me know if you need any specific dimensions and I can send you some screenshots of the CAD


Thanks James !

I sent you a private message with what I need.

I hope it finds you …


I’m using this for MDX and Launchpad.

Foldable and pretty solid. Couldn’t say that it is built like a tank, but will last a good amount of time for sure.

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