MOD DUO X problem with Power button location

I find that the power button is too close to the power supply input, but also exaggeratedly tiny.
As you can see from the photo, there is no problem for switching on the device.

Instead, the problem occurs at shutdown. (I have quite traditional fingers).
You have to use something very small to turn off.
In this regard, for this problem today (for the third time) there was a flash of the two displays, and there was a sort of flip of the display (seen in reverse) and very attenuated. I’m afraid that if it happens again some damage could happen (can you confirm me?).

Maybe it would be useful to implement the shutdown from browser interface?
This doesn’t seem like a very good User Experience decision.

I have exactly the same feeling with this power button.
But I prefer this one than nothing like on the Mod Dwarf.


on DWARF is the same as the DUO X?

On Dwarf there’s is nothing to shut down the unit.

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just use something like this


could this be okay?

yes. Just be shure that this is the same as flipping the switch on the DuoX - only larger.

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In fact, the MOD DuoX LE edition units didn’t have this switch. Because we received this feedback before, the MOD Dwarf also doesn’t have it.

It shouldn’t be an issue, but if you are afraid of that just leave the button always on and to turn the device off just unplug the cable. Technically it will be exactly the same and it won’t damage the device.

This is really a human psychologic thing (and I understand what you mean) :slight_smile: In fact the effect of the switch is technically exactly the same as pulling the cable out (as it is on the MOD Dwarf)

The idea that @spunktsch shared is also a good one. Basically, you want to cut the current that is flowing into the device. You can do it either with that switch, with the one that @spunktsch shared, with a power strip that includes an on/off button, or simply by unplugging the cable.
Thanks for the help @spunktsch