Mod duo x - pre-order from canada?

hey folks… great to see the “X” available for pre-order!

i’m in canada. if i select “Outside the EU, UK and USA” on the “select your region” page, then when i get to the pre-order page there is a notice which says: “This product is only shipped to the USA. For other countries, check our region selection page”. so i go back to the region selection page, and then i’m in an infinite loop. :stuck_out_tongue:

can i pre-order from canada?
if so, how?

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hey @plutek,

thanks for the bug report on our shop :slight_smile:

follow the link and ye shall find it fixed!

pre-order from Canada and every country in this world is possible…

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more encoders.
control voltage.
MIDI sync.
more powerful CPU.

holy crap, you crazy kids! :smiley:
…this is essentially everything i’ve been wishing to add to the Duo.

one question: is the often-discussed kernel buffer noise problem fixed in this unit?