Mod Duo X power supply or ground issue (SOLVED)

I’m having some noise problems with my Duo X and I’m guessing it’s either a ground issue or a power supply problem.

I read in another topic about some Dwarf users getting their devices noiseless by replacing the power supply so this was my first guess. Would this be a power supply that works as it should with the Duo X and won’t blow it up? The photo is a bit blurry but this should be 12V 3.0A 36W center positive.

Thanks for any help!

I’ve been trying to track the problem and found out there is probably some kind of ground issue with my amplifier and the Duo X. The amp is an Aspen Pittman Spacestation that I use as a monitor for keyboards. If the Duo X is connected to the same power socket with the amp and is plugged in to the amp or to a mixer going in to the amp there is a noise issue. When connected to different sockets no noise. Yesterday I was playing in a studio where we couldn’t find any arrangement with the Duo X and the amp that was noiseless. I’ve tried with balanced and unbalanced cables and it doesn’t make any difference.

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With the description that you made you are really facing ground loop issues. That’s exactly why when you connect the devices to different sockets times the noise disappears.
As written on the wiki here, any power supply which outputs 12V, 2A over a center-positive barrel-type plug will be fine.

I also suggest you take a look at this guide (ignore the part that is for Dwarf only). You already tried balanced cables, so do you have a way to experiment with a passive DI box?

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Unfortunately I don’t have a passive DI box available at the moment.

I could possibly buy a new power supply if there is a chance it makes a difference. Maybe it’s worth a try.

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Although the threads are focused mainly on the Dwarf, I suggest you take a look here and here

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I can confirm this was a power supply issue. I’ve just bought a replacement from the local electronics store and the noise is gone with it.