Mod Duo X patch sheet

Not sure if this is of value to anyone, but when I’m working with complex pedalboards, I keep a cheat sheet to quickly identify my signal paths and what does what. Sometimes I also like to mark up the settings I want to use at various points in a performance, and keep track of what the starting settings are.

However, the forum doesn’t let me upload a PDF, so I’m not sure where to host this?


If you make it a jpeg you can put it on

You know there is also the notes plugin that you can put in your pedalboard to add some instructions/reminders?


I will convert it to a jpeg - it’s nothing amazing, but if there was a patchsheet on this site, I would have grabbed it to save me the time of making one.

I use the browser to build my pedalboards, but after that the Mod Duo X is my replacement for using a computer live, so the patchsheets are physical and readily available. I didn’t know about the notes feature, I am definitely going to use that - but it wouldn’t replace my cheat sheets for live use.

I’ve hosted the PDF, hopefully this works.
Possibly someone out there finds this useful.


Ahhh I see. So this is for you to remember what all the knobs in your patches do?

If you use many pages I can imagine it’s nice to have a quick overview of which knobs do what.

Yup, here is a sample of the kind of pedalboards I set up. For me it’s very liberating to do dubbing with delays and reverbs but without a massive physical mixer and tons of routing options and FX etc.


Wow, that’s one complicated patch. Yeah I can imagine you need some cheat-sheets to remember how each patch is set up :wink:

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