Mod Duo X noise when using microphone

I hadn’t had too much problems with noise coming from my Mod Duo X, but I have mostly been using hot line levels going into it, and gating out lower levels. Now I want to plug a microphone directly into the mod which means boosting that input, which reveals a constant pulse/noise coming from the power supply (as far as I can tell).

I boost the hardware inputs by 12 DB, and then the first plug-in I use is a gate/compressor to bring this level up to a usable audible signal. Without making any sound into the microphone, there is a clicking/pulse going on, which sounds like USB type noise.

Here are some key things about this phenomenon:

  1. When using the level meter plug-in, I can detect a -24db click, pre-compressor.
  2. If I delete a plugin from the web-gui, it produces this exact click, so I can reproduce this.
  3. If I remove USB from the unit, the steady click still exists, so it’s not just a USB/web-gui issue.
  4. If I touch/wiggle the power cable going into the unit, it generates and alters the clicks, as if there is a faulty connection or something, but power doesn’t flicker or anything.

I’m wondering if USB noise is getting into the power signal?
I do use a power conditioner.

And just to really limit the usual suspects. I removed the microphone from the input, so nothing is going into the MDX, and removed the USB connection, and the pulse continues.

I turned off the computer, and everything plugged in which might be adding a pulse to the power - even turned off the lights. There is just my MDX in a dark room, lights flickering to a steady pulse coming from where exactly?

More information here:

I have the MDX set up, with nothing in the input, and there is still the regular pulse of noise. When I use the Settings menu, and scroll past Tuner, it generates this same noise. It doesn’t matter if the tuner is muted or not - going to that item, or moving off of that item will generate the click. Scrolling past the other items in the Settings menu doesn’t do this.

I took an extra power cable and cut the ground to see if this would affect this, even though my situation does not sound like ground hum at all, it is related to the power. Cutting the ground pin did not make any difference.

Is this just a dying power supply? It’s the MOd branded one which came with the unit.

I purchased a new power supply because my belief was that the original one was dying. However the issue still persists with the new power supply.

This has kind of rendered my Mod Duo X unusable for my current needs. Is there any way to escalate this to see if there is a bug in the most recent update?

Hey mate,

I have an MDX and can check if I am experiencing the same thing. I am also experiencing strange behavior in menus, but haven’t noticed anything audible yet.

Can you post this over in the bug reporting area?

You can crosspost this thread with the bug report.

Sorry you havent had any responses, most of the MOD team take their well earned weekends. I have no doubt that you will have someone from the team checking in with you tomorrow.

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I’ve put this in the bug report area - didn’t know that existed separately, so thanks for the info!