Mod Duo X naming bug?

There is a weird issue with my MDX where the name of a pedalboard which shows on the screen on the top left, is detached from the name it was saved as.

I often load a pedalboard, then immediately do a ‘save as’ to start a new pedalboard from that one. I can see it saves, the name in the top left changes to the new name and then I start editing - usually deleting what I don’t need. Then if I go to some other screen, like settings, or plug-in library and go back - the name in the top left reverts to the pedalboard I was using as a starting point, and I almost faint because I have ruined the original not the copy.

So then I go to reload the original, and it’s in my library. But also, the new pedalboard which I had saved is in there as well. So there is some disconnect which causes great confusion and lack of confidence when editing and saving pedalboards.

The attached screenshot shows me searching for a term, and you can see a pedalboard comes up which does not have that term in the title - meaning it’s name is somehow either showing wrong, or disconnected, or bugged. Perhaps there is something about this process I don’t understand?

Is this happening in some particular MOD OS version or have you noticed it since some particular one?

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I have updated to the most recent update, but I am not sure if this is related to the most recent update or not. I believe this issue has been going on for some time.

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