MOD Duo X mk2 and current owners of MOD Duo X mk1

So, people who have pre-ordered Mod Duo X devices from the new batch will get a new, more powerful CPU (RK3399 - Rockchip Wiki). A copy of the announcement can be read here:

The change of CPU is what led to all the delays in the 1st place, especially since a new/modified OS had to be developed for the Duo X.

  • What will be the impact of using that new CPU on future development for the Duo X mk1? Will you really maintain 2 different branches for the same device?
  • Is there a way for mk1 owners to upgrade to mk2?
  • Apart from the change of CPU, will there be any other hardware fixes? Will that solves issues encountered on the mk1, such a noise and peak meters?

Hi @buyallthesynths

As I understand correctly, when the moddx was in construction, mod headquarters had another chip and chipset in mind, but the manufacturer was not able to provide necessary drivers for production. With the rk3399 rockchip they even found a more powerful chip that is part of all mod duoX. This lead to a re-engineering development for the rk3399 hardware, hence the delay.

While hardware driver development for the duoX took place, some mod duo users asked if their processors could be upgraded to a more powerful chip so that they could make better use of their mod duo’s.

Hope this helps clarifying some things, but indeed I could even be wrong about it.
Greetings and God bless. Marius

Hi @mj_prod,

I’m not talking about upgrading from a MOD Duo to a MOD Duo X.
I’ve updated the OP to give more context.

MOD, the company has delivered the MOD Duo X last summer with a iMX8 CPU.
They now can’t get a hold of the exact same hardware revision and have decided to release a mk2 version of the MOD Duo X with yet another CPU, the RK3399.

I really want to understand the impact this is going to have on their team and on early adopters such as myself.

i have similar questions, and inquired in a response to the recent email announcement…

Hello @buyallthesynths,

I have the limited edition as well you might be referring to as mk1.

Regarding issues the limited edition has ( like noise issue in the audio chain you mentioned coming from the CPU) there are workarounds solved in software updates.
You can argue a workaround is not a fix, and it better should be solved in hardware in the first place by better circuit board design, but imho the modX is thoroughly designed.

Regarding processor/chipset update, driver development takes time, too. Maybe due to the Rockchip RK3399 vs iMX8 chipset update there might be another update branch available, and I am sure new effect plugins will be provided for both duoX and duo as it is today.

Regarding more processing power the Rockchip RK3399 provides I assume there is already plenty processing power in the iMX8 and definitively a step forward from the 2 core mod duo.
I don’t know exactly which iMX8 model they had in the first devices, but differences between the iMX8 and the RK3399 might be well the 2nd GPU as well as the Dual-core ARM Cortex-A72.
How much the plugin engine, web interface etc. will profit from this more processing power is up to the implementation.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Hi @buyallthesynths

We will maintain both versions. The architecture is the same.

We are still checking financials for an upgrade. First let’s get the platform ready :wink:

More info is coming soon.


Thank you very much for answering/clarifying @gianfranco.


So the ones who have mod duo x limited edittion (like me) wouldn’t be able to update to the final version is that correct?

Technically speaking, the upgrade of the CPU came out of necessity rather than us pushing for more power.
It is a side-effect, though a good one.

So, it’s technically feasible but not something we are capable of having any sort of plans or expectations about right now.


ok let’s get this thing to work first


is this the answer we’ve been waiting for?

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No. That will give you another device, in pedal format, with less power than what you have now.

Hello fellow users

A quick update on this topic.

Since we have now officially launched the Duo X - referred to as mk2 in this thread - and the product is out, with a production process up and running, we have now the opportunity to tackle this matter of the difference between mk1 and mk2.

We are already discussing a solution. Please allow us some weeks and I’ll come back to you guys with a proper proposal.

Rest assured that our ultimate goal is to have a happy user base :wink:

Best wishes


Hi are there any updates on this topic please?



How would I tell if I had mk1 or mk2?

Bax are selling the mod duo x, and the internals aren’t listed. Was the mk1 the kickstarter and the mk2 the full release version?


The mk1 was the limited edition. The mk2 is the current production edition.

The MkII has a power switch. MkI doesn’t.

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Thanks for the replies.

So Bax are actually selling MK1 versions, as there’s no power switch on the rear.

I’m not sure about this, but this may be only the version used for the pictures they have.


I have asked them for clarification, however they said they wouldn’t know if it was mk1 or 2.

Its a really good price as well, so I’d like to take advantage if its a mk2!