Mod Duo X Midi Snapshot config

I have been unable to get my Mod Duo X to respond to Midi messages which should (afaict) be changing Snapshots.

The docs are very sparse in this area… and I’ve tried a number of things. (Yes, I’m sure MIDI is being sent on the channel selected in the System → Sync & Midi → Shapshot MIDI setup. :slight_smile:

Can someone provide a reliable step-by-step for getting this working? A bit stymied here.


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This should be pretty straight forward. Are you checking the documentation on the wiki?
If yes, as a sort of troubleshooting I would suggest you to try the channel immediately before and immediately after to the one that you believe you are sending.
If you set it up to send over channel 3, try the channel 3, but also the 2 and the 4

Let me know if anything works.

Hi Jon, thanks for your help.

I have discovered the problem! The controller unit is sending Notes on the selected channel, not Program Change messages! So “not working” is the correct behavior. :wink:

(Sorry, the controller unit’s docs were not clear… but hooking up a midi monitor revealed the truth!)

So the mission has changed!

Now, Is there a way to trigger Program Change messages with Notes (e.g. a Midi Utility)? And can these be routed to the Mod’s inputs such that it responds?
Or is there another way to accomplish changing snapshots with an input of Midi notes?

I have found a Note2PC plugin in @x42’s Midifilter repo here… but this doesn’t seem available in the Plugin Store.

Let’s say I could hypothetically get it built for Mod Duo X… Can the output of this be used to control the Mod’s Snapshots?

You can use the mindi infamous :wink:

The infamous mindi plugin is able to incercept incoming midi note messages, transform them to midi change and “inject” them back to the device as if they were coming from a connected device? didn’t know that

ok. Sorry for my short explanation before.
You can do all of that except inputing it back in the device. For that you have two options:

  • 1: create an external MIDI loop connecting the MIDI out to the MIDI In of the device;
  • 2: wait a couple of weeks for the 1.11 :slight_smile: a virtual MIDI loop should become available.

That would be a welcome upgrade!